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Carnaval Spirit Meets NYC Grit In Buskers’ Anthem

Skye Steele set out to capture the intoxicating whirlwind energy he encountered in Recife, Brazil in the fiddle music of an arcane all-night ritual known as Cavalo Marinho. Lofted on this unbridled indigenous rhythm, a simple melody ear-wormed its way into his psyche and stayed there for several years before burgeoning into “The People Make The Music.” It is a manic ode to Steele’s salad days fiddling in the New York City subways and to the tenacity of all those struggling to make their mark on the City. The frenetic barnburner opens his forthcoming album Up From The Bitterroot, out January 20 on HouseTown.

Check out “The People Make The Music” available to download and share on Soundcloud!

Combining abstract instrumentals and an all-hands-on-deck performance ethos, “The People Make The Music” takes us on a wild and chaotic interactive ride evoking the live experience where audience participation--through an assemblage of home-made and found percussion that Steele and his cohorts arm the audience with at shows--is mandatory. The rhythm guitar leads the charge, laying down a machine-gun stream of 16th notes, flowing into a chorus animated by an unruly crowd of vocals. A kaleidoscope of sound emerges from fiddles, claps, tin-can shakers, mixing bowls, bells, and wood blocks. Melding like hive mind, the throng of voices all seamlessly groove together creating a collaboration of energy and passion where the people make the melody and shape the music.

Tour Dates
11.10 Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 - New York, NY
11.13 BSP - Kingston, NY
11.14 Le Cagibi - Montreal, QC
11.15 Superfresh Organic Cafe - Brattleboro, VT
11.17 The Red Door - Portsmouth, NH
11.19 Howler’s Coyote Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA
11.20 George’s - Canton, OH
11.21 The Store - Chicago, IL
11.22 Be Here Now - Muncie, IN
11.24 House Show - Bowling Green, KY
11.25 Haymarket Whiskey Bar - Louisville, KY
11.26 East Room - Nashville, TN

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To Megan, there’s nothing better than a live show and has traveled across state lines and through countries by plane, train, automobile, crowded Greyhound bus, and dubious taxi to see shows.

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