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Callow Announces Single, “Always About the Ones Who Have it All”

The new single from folk-noir duo Callow is a visceral howl crying out from a society left to rot. “Always About the Ones Who Have it All” pulls back a tattered curtain on the political and socio-economic state of the country, and counterbalances its dark shadow. With a velvet drone and rustic, earthy melody, the song crackles and burns like a smoldering fire. Mixed by Brandon Eggleston (Swans, Mountain Goats) and featuring Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession) on musical saw, it is the first single off the upcoming album, Mothdust, out October 19.

“Always About the Ones Who Have it All” is a song inspired by the greed infecting society. Red Moses and Sami Knowles, the forces behind Callow, wrote it from a very personal and literal place of insight. Throughout the otherworldly sounds and ethereal layering, they sing about escaping the rat race of life saying, “Wanna go away, take our songs to the cold lands, sing to the wolves, sing for the sound, forget about what’s going on…”. The song moves like a gathering storm, with a brief pause of relief before thundering back to life. Moses explains, “That moment is really important, because it’s almost like we’re inviting people to numb themselves to the craziness, and then we viscerally tell them - no don’t you fucking dare numb yourself.”

Largely inspired by the imbalance of wealth in society and the struggles of said routine, Mothdust is an album paradoxical in its sentiment taking cues from its namesake. A creature of the night that’s drawn to the light—the dust from a moth wing is little more than an unwelcome stain on the wall to most, yet important to the insect’s survival for a magnitude of reasons. Mothdust is intentionally imperfect, and through its creation, Callow have harnessed their anger and turned it into a visceral representation of those contradictions between the self and society. Knowles explains, “Autumn, for many moths, is typically the time when one cycle is ending and another is beginning. It’s when the adult lays its eggs - hence, one generation of moths is ending and the next is beginning. For us, the creation of the album is at its end, and the beginning of its new life out in the world is beginning.”

Mothdust Track Listing

  1. Always About The Ones Who Have It All
  2. Wonder
  3. Paint It Grey
  4. Don’t You Worry
  5. Go Down
  6. Life As It Is
  7. The Long Road
  8. A Vein

About Callow:

Callow was formed by Red Moses and Sami Knowles in 2009. Their the first album, Orb Weaver, was released in May of 2012 (NxNW Records). Blue Spells was released in 2013 (NxNW Records). The duo won “Best Song” in San Francisco’s Music Video Race (2013) and was nominated for The Deli’s “Best New Artist” (2011). They have performed with Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession/ Three Mile Pilot), Witch Mountain, and Karl Blau. The new album, Mothdust, is out this fall.

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