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Calliope Musicals EP Clouds On Fire, due out Dec. 10, 2013

"Clouds On Fire is the sound of a young group enjoying their lives and allowing others to peer at them through a kaleidoscope."
—Mad Mackerel

Clouds On Fire (due out Dec. 10)  is the new offering from Calliope Musicals  and shows a group coming to grip with its’ songwriting and a sound that is honed to a razor’s edge.

The poppy rush of the swoonsome "Jeanie O" is an engaging nod to the qualities of youth and what it has to offer. "Dancing Shoes" pulls one in and keeps you close before jumping away into the dark and the epic "The Adventurers" parts the clouds and engulfs the sky in flames.  This is the sound of a young group enjoying their lives and allowing others to peer at them through a kaleidoscope.

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Matt Roth and Carrie Fussell met in the haze of a hookah bar where they hit it off immediately.  After seeing an especially raucous show by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, the two became aware that the time had arrived for them to build the group that could turn their burgeoning songwriting collaboration into a reality.  Calliope Musicals originally sprung to life as a totally acoustic lineup, however, after recruiting Craig (The Funk) Finkelstein on vibraphone, Josh Bickley on drums, Andrew Vizzone on bass and Chris Webb on guitar, the group later morphed into the psychedelic party folk machine that made their first full length album, Magic Militia, a sonic delight. Their live shows are a grand, glorious party of color and sweat with the occasional blast of a confetti cannon all displayed under the watchful eye of the band’s mascot, a carousel horse named Phyllis who may be made of papier mache, but all in attendance will swear is real.

Clouds on Fire EP Track Listing

1. Jeanie O

2. Dancing Shoes

3. Intro

4. The Adventurers

5. Outro


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