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Building A Social Following When You Don’t Have One

By: Elise Stawarz (Crowd Surf)

Every day musicians call/e-mail/text/Facebook Message/DM the company I work for, asking if we can make them famous. While we can’t magically make it happen, there are things that every artist CAN do to enhance and grow their social presence. And since mosts new artists don’t follow these steps, doing so will put you ahead of the curve.


1. Look Your Best

When a potential fan checks out your social accounts, the very FIRST thing they see is your profile picture and header. Make sure it’s the best representation of you that it can be. Size your images correctly, include a logo and any pertinent release information, and pick the best picture of you/your band to use.

2. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

There’s a lot of talk about viral fame and how to go “viral” and while a few people are lucky enough to experience this, the vast majority of artists are successful because of their continuous hustle.

Make sure that if someone comes across one of your accounts, it’s clear that you’re an active artist with things happening. Some days this means you have an awesome write up in a local paper, but other days it might just mean re-sharing your music video or posting a cool live shot of the band.

3. Family Matters

In the beginning, every fan matters and those fans include your family and friends. So, set aside an afternoon and send a personal text to everyone in your phone contact list with easy links for them to click to follow. It may be a time commitment, but there’s nothing else that will deliver a higher “follow back” ratio and it’s the perfect way to create your starting base.

4. Be a Social Butterfly

Now that your page looks great, is being updated and has a core fanbase, it’s time to get out there and bring more people to you! Start by replying to EVERY SINGLE person who comments on one of your pages (they’ll likely share this interaction), and then think about which other artists you know or have played shows with and begin engaging with them to bring their audiences to you. Finally, think about artists who are similar to you and start interacting with their fans. You might be their favorite new discovery!

5. Time Saving Tools

Social media takes time, and there’s nothing more important than that personal connection, but we know you need to write, rehearse, record music, etc. too. So, don’t be afraid to use some following and liking tools to help you get the job done. NOTE - Straight up buying followers is almost never worth it. Those aren’t real people and they’ll mess up your social advertising campaigns in the future!


For more information on Crowd Surf you can e-mail Elise at


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