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Brandon Grafius Announces Folk Single, “Things Get Right”

The new folk single from Brandon Grafius, “Things Get Right”, is a warm breeze blowing down a carefree stretch of highway. It’s about hard-won joy and what it means to feel that everything is finally falling into place. With an expressive fiddle energetically dancing in and out of the melody, “Things Get Right” is the first single off his upcoming album, Highways and Backroads. It was recorded at Troubadour Studios (Lansing) and is due out May 11 on Lost Mitten Records.

“Things Get Right” draws from literal experience to give the imagery a sense of concreteness beyond just a good feeling. From the stroke of the first chord and rolling drum beat, it’s easy to picture scenes of the Midwest painted against an almost untouched background. The chorus swells with harmonies as rosy strings jump with the acoustic guitar in a choreographed dance. Drawing on elements of Hank Williams, Grafius sings a toe-tapping and infectious melody that brings a bright smile to any room. It’s like being surrounded by family and friends, with nothing to do but take in every single moment.

Having studied poetry, Grafius adds gravity to his lyrics that are steeped in a wide range of geographical influence. Born in Oregon, then traveling from Michigan to California in his early twenties, there’s a sense of movement mirrored throughout Highways and Backroads. Whether it’s the Sleeping Bear Dunes, the Manistee River in Benzie County, or the stretch of highway between Chicago and Lansing, each song is about finding the right place, in one way or another. Grafius explains, “This album is about place and about journeys - I find that many of the songs are structured around the duality of feeling at home in a location, but knowing that it sometimes takes a long journey to get to a sense of at-home-ness.” Some songs are explicitly about the journey, like the autobiographical “Sacramento”, while others such as, “Midwestern Sky” are about longing for that place in between.

Highways and Backroads Track Listing

  1. Roll Away
  2. Midwestern Sky
  3. Things Get Right
  4. My Father’s Boat
  5. Company Store
  6. Good Stewards
  7. Sacramento
  8. Two Hundred Miles
  9. Song for a Traveler
  10. Cardinal in Winter

About Brandon Grafius

Brandon Grafius is a folk singer-songwriter from Lansing, Michigan. He has performed widely throughout Michigan and beyond, sharing the stage with artists such as Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Troupe, Jared & The Mill, and Michigander. His intimate, finger-picked guitar style is reminiscent of Delta blues and traditional country, but fits comfortably within the modern musical landscape. He was a finalist in both the 2017 Hollywood Songwriting Competition, and American Songwriting Awards. His upcoming album, Highways and Backroads, is out in May on Lost Mitten Records.

Tour Dates

04.27 Blue Owl Coffee Co., Lansing
04.28 The Record Lounge, Lansing
05.31 The Robin Theater, Lansing

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