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Blurt Magazine Reviews Allen Clapp EP

Blurt Magazine reviews Allen Clapp's recently released EP, Six Seasons. 

"It’s a varied and beautiful record with  Clapp playing (and singing ) everything on here. Song #1, “Moss Falls Like Rain” is classic Clapp, all jangly guitars, soaring vocals and lovely melodic keyboards while “Friend Collector” seems a bit more downtrodden, more minor key  and even adding in some bitterness lyrically (“I would do anything to go back to the way it was” and “You are the friend collector, you collected all of my friends”).  Later on “The Weight of Fallen Leaves” is another perfect snapshot of the California that Clapp loves to write about (he’s now up in the Santa Cruz mountains after years of being in the Bay Area).  The instrumentals, “Seasons 5 & 6 (parts I and II)  offer up  rebirth (and sound like some lost, classic 60’s band) and “New Again” is the most rockin’ one on here with slappy drums and more of that piano.

Experts agree, you can never go wrong with an Allen Clapp record!" 

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