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Beth // James Announces Single, “Wasted on Sundays”

Austin folk duo Beth // James release their brand new single, “Wasted on Sundays” in the afterglow of “Lion Eyes,” the single handpicked by Spike Lee for the BlacKkKlansman soundtrack. A relatable anthem for the quarter-century life crisis, “Wasted on Sundays” is a time capsule buried in the sand, bottling up carefree moments of youth amidst the weighing down of pressures to overachieve and be successful. “Wasted on Sundays” is now streaming on all major platforms.  

The light hearted melody dances about the enchanting citrus tinged synth, drawing back the heavy curtains of life to reveal a golden hue of hopeful, simplistic joy. An acoustic guitar shimmers between stanzas of seamless harmonies, while a drum line invites even the most stubborn feet to start tapping along. 

“Wasted on Sundays” blissfully reminds millennial culture to let go of the need to have it all figured out. The duo says, “We’re all trying to work toward the big ‘goals’ and ‘successes’ (like having a cool apartment or job), but really we’re all just winging it. Trying to fake it until you make it.” Just for one moment, everything can be as simple as Sunday brunch, the laughter of friends around the table effortlessly brushing away life’s complications. Without missing a moment, “Wasted on Sundays” is a nudge on the shoulder that turns into bright smiles and the warm embrace of friends who are ready to spend the afternoon catching up.

About Beth // James

Beth // James is the musical duo of Jordan James Burchill and Mikaela Beth Kahn. Burchill has played guitar for Ndambi and Avant, Tameca Jones and Brannen Temple (The Dixie Chicks, Janet Jackson). Kahn has sung with Ben Folds and toured with Chrisette Michele. Their 2017 debut EP, All In Life, was produced by Brian Douglas Phillips (David Ramirez, Rob Baird). The Austin-American Statesman named it one of “5 Standout EPs” of 2017, and they were voted as a runner-up for “Best New Austin Band” in the 2017 Austin Music Awards. Kahn was also voted as a runner-up for “Best Female Vocalist” in the 2017 Austin Music Awards. Spike Lee handpicked “Lion Eyes” for the BlacKkKlansman soundtrack. 

Tour Dates

8.9 The Bonneville (2nd Street Sip & Stroll), Austin, TX
8.28 Georgia Highlands, Rome, GA
8.29 Georgia Highlands College- Douglasville, Douglasville, GA
8.30 Georgia Highlands College- Marietta, Marietta, GA
8.30 Sofar Sounds, Atlanta, GA
9.1 Red Clay Music Foundry, Duluth, GA
9.4 Georgia Highlands College- Cartersville, Cartersville, GA
9.5 Georgia Highlands College- Paulding, Dallas, GA
9.10 Austin- American Statesman, Austin, TX
9.14 Sofar Sounds- DFW, TBD
9.21 Peggy’s Porch Party House Show, AUstin, TX

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