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Beth Bombara, Releases Debut Single, “Promised Land” Off Upcoming Self-titled Album Due Out June 23

Americana artist Beth Bombara releases "Promise Land" off her forthcoming self-titled LP out June 23. Through a synergy of smooth and smoky vocals, Bombara tackles the universal theme of uncertainty and the fear that accompanies moving forward into the unknown to open new horizons.

The juxtaposition of driving electric guitar with banjo and the buildup of instrumentation showcases this theme and division of state of mind. Bombara says, “I started writing this song at a point where a lot of things in my life were uncertain. I was just standing on the edge of a dark abyss, being afraid to jump but knowing I needed to take a leap of faith to get to the other side. Those leaps into the unknown are a little easier when you have someone to jump with you.”

In the pursuit of happiness, there are many people who make promises on how to find it, everyone from preachers to advertisers. Bombara says, “The ‘promised land’ is an idea of continually striving towards that place of safety and happiness. We’re reaching for whatever it is we’ve been told will satisfy us. Contentment, security, spiritual peace, the American Dream, you name it. The idea is out there out there, and we keep searching for it.”     


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