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Belle of the Fall Announces Single, “Rise Up”

The new single from indie folk duo Belle of the Fall, “Rise Up”, is a luminous, airy mixture of intimate harmonies and impassioned chord progressions. Combining in a harmony of their own, upbeat melody weaves in between somber elements, like a rainy drizzle on an otherwise crystal afternoon. The title track calls to action against the growing storm ahead. It is the first single off the upcoming album, Rise Up, out April 6 on Sonic Trepanation Records.

“Rise Up” moves with duality at its core. From the distinct vocal elements that Tracy Walton and Julia Autumn Ford contribute, to their upright bass and nylon string guitar, each piece has its place. When writing the single, the duo took into consideration all of the thoughts, feelings, and intense emotions going through the heartbeat of society. Staring down your demons can be cause to run away, but “Rise Up” remedies the uncertainty. The band explains, “It is an epic tale of triumph that talks of overcoming odds and rising above your situation.” String sections swell and ache as the melody progresses until the very end, with a Sgt. Pepper march and vocal outro.

Belle of the Fall created their upcoming album with purpose and intention. Each piece is that of a whole, and though they stand alone, the clarity of their concept is best viewed from beginning to end. From their song “Two”, which delves into the power two people can have when they unite in a common purpose, to the social frustration that can be heard on “Spinning Around The Sun”, each piece tells a story. The pages turn and develop and take the listener from the band’s tour van at SXSW on “Nothing Left to Lose” to an intimate look at the concept of “Time”. Rise Up couples social and political commentary with saccharine, and at times, darker indie folk melodies. Each petal fits onto its stem to form a carefully curated experience.

Rise Up Track Listing

  1. The Great Unknown
  2. Two
  3. Nothing Left to Lose
  4. Spinning Around the Sun
  5. Rise Up
  6. Time
  7. Super Moon
  8. They All Come Crashing Down
  9. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  10. The Outer of Bounds

About Belle of the Fall

Tracy Walton met Julia Autumn Ford in 2014 when she was recording her first solo album at his studio, On Deck Sound Studio. They felt a musical chemistry and began to play as a duo, releasing Earthbound in the spring of 2016. The duo has played Daryl’s House with Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s, and also won the Critics Choice Award at the 2017 Richmond International Film and Music Festival. Their upcoming album, Rise Up, is out April 6 on Sonic Trepanation Records.

Tour Dates

02/15/18 The Radio Bean Burlington, VT
02/26/18 The Bitter End New York, NY
2/27/18 The Federal House Annapolis, MD
3/2/18 House Concert Orlando, FL
3/3/18 House Convert Sarasota, FL
3/6/18 Fish Lips. Cape Canaveral, FL
3/8/18 The Mudville Listening Room Jacksonville, FL
3/9/18 House Concert Wilmington Island, GA
3/10/18 House Concert Decatur, GA
3/11/18 Bobby’s Idle Hour Nashville, TN
3/31/18 House Concert Old Saybrook, CT
4/3/18 Pressed Ottawa, ON
4/4/18 Musiikki Kingston, ON
4/6/18 Sessions on the River Fort Erie, ON
4/14/18 House Concert Storrs, CT
4/22/18 Infinity Hall Norfolk, CT
4/26/18 Richmond International Film and Music Fest Richmond VA
4/28/18 The Packing House Wilington, CT
5/20/18 The Commodore Grille Nashville, TN
6/1/18 Glacial Park Chicago, IL
6/2/18 The Coffeehouse Burlington, WI
6/8/18 House Concert Lawrence, KA
8/4/18 The Purple Fiddle Thomas, WV
8/5/18 The Purple Fiddle Thomas, WV
10/20/18 Farmington Valley Acoustic Fest Farmington CT


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