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Bandcamp Features Naomi Wachira

Naomi Wachira


Bandcamp Daily interviews Naomi Wachira about her new album Song of Lament to be released June 2, 2017. The interview with afro-folk singer Naomi Wachira delves into why she created the album, how the world around her affects her music, and what she wants people to get from her music.






"What do you hope listeners’ hearts, minds, and souls feel after hearing this album?

My hope is to inspire people to find courage to use whatever talent they have to share light and love in these uncertain times. I hope that we as a people will take time to know those who are different from us, that we will choose love, kindness, and empathy as tools to bring change in the world. That even when it feels like we’ve hit rock bottom, we can choose to keep running and not give up on what we’re capable of being." - Chaka V. Grier

 Read her interview at Bandcamp Daily

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