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Baeilou Announces Single, “Mourning Mantra”

Like a bright sun seen through an overcast haze, the new single from baroque singer-songwriter Baeilou is a warning of eventual planetary demise. “Mourning Mantra” uses a staccato cello and a caramel sweet melody to talk about the shifting landscape of earth. From the floating fish in the sea, to the flying birds in the sky, it’s a call to action, sooner rather than later. “Mourning Mantra” is off the upcoming EP, Inside Under, out August 24.

“Mourning Mantra” wanders in and out of soft edges and a smooth, punctuated cadence. A conversation between Mia Pixley and her cello (named Baeilou), the two discuss the current state of the environment like friends meeting for coffee. Pixley explains where her inspiration came from, “I value an awareness of the psyche, heart, emotions and our interconnectedness with all of that. I worry that as many of us, become intensely virtually/digitally connected, that we (myself included) will disconnect from the earth/each other. It’s very important to me that this doesn’t happen.” The song feels like a gentle breeze blowing across the very setting that faces extinction. Through the shaking leaves, and the cool grey sky, it carries this message up through the atmosphere’s protective barrier.

Performing with the cello is unlike a traditional musical experience. There’s a give and take to the respect it deserves and commands. Pixley explains why this is so sacred to her, “One must embrace the cello to play it. I love its belly, neck, and its curve. It feels sensual to me. I wanted a name that had the sounds of its smoothness, but I also wanted something that had a southern and Afro-caribbean-esque sound. Part of my adoptee experience as a biracial person especially, has been a lot of piecing things together and feelings things out until they feel right, somehow. I know very little about either of the cultures of my blood but somehow little bits still comes out in my music, and I want to honor that. The process of finding the name Baeilou for my cello, and eventually this project, was this piecing together approach as well.” Pixley also works in mental health and the sense that there was a growing distance from an emotional connection to one another sparked the inspiration for Inside Under. The project unintentionally goes inside an emotional responses to a lot of what we’re going through both politically and socially. Each song is an active conversation between herself and Baeilou.

About Baeilou

"Baeilou" names Mia Pixley's cello, as well as her roots, experimental, and classical music inspired solo project. An Austin, Texas native, Mia is a cellist, singer and songwriter living in Oakland, CA by way of New York City (her cello is a Bay Area native). Baeilou's sound is a combination of her southern roots, pop, classical, and some kind of supernatural quirk. Baeilou has recorded with GRAMMY award winning artist Fantastic Negrito, performed in award winning Off-Broadway musicals, and been the principle musician in award winning full feature film scores. She holds a professional studies diploma in cello performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music and a PhD. in Clinical Psychology from CUNY Graduate Center.

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