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Badlands Announces Second Single “Echo”

A song lurking in self-censorship, Swedish artist Badlands releases “Echo,” off her upcoming album set to release in April 2016. Driving listeners into wormholes filled with sharp synthetic arpeggios and a spooky aesthetic, “Echo” haunts as much as it captivates.

It would probably be incorrect to call this track a ghost story, but it’s definitely filled with them. Dark and brooding, the song delves into self-censorship and the danger involved. Musicista, Catharina Jaunviksna says, “Even though the first intentions might be good, it always ends as a witch hunt and nobody daring to speak their mind.” A driving bass line carries listeners into an oblivion of pulsating analog synths and booming percussion, while acoustic cello dances in and out of phase with the rest of the arrangement, making waves that are doomy and grinding. Amidst all this, Jaunviksna proclaims, “This town is like a Ghost town/if you speak your mind you’ll hear/an empty echo.”

Jaunviksna puts it best, calling the song “a club tune, but with that apocalyptic twist.” It’s easy to imagine someone lost in a sea of faces and sounds, turning and swaying to the blare of the miasma that Badlands has created in this track. But just as “Echo” is danceable, its character is dark, evoking images of a monster lurking out of sight, somewhere beyond the fringes of where we exist. Like the music, this beast is crystalline and imposing, and it is waiting to pull you in--and to make you want more.


About Badlands

Badlands is dusky and interstellar, yet you can sense the influences from early new wave and Hacienda hay-day, evolved into something emotionally atmospheric and semi-electronic. Behind this one-woman-band hides songwriter, producer and sound designer Catharina Jaunviksna. Born and based in Sweden, she still has two other home countries in Ireland and Italy, which influences her distinctive and genuine sound. From the first release with EP Battles Within 2012 and single "Tutu" 2013, the former experimental and at times trip-hop scented project has evolved into an identity of it's own. Jaunviksna has been featured in publications such as Under the Radar and The 405.


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