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Baby Teardrops Release "Smooth Sailing Ahead" Video

Baby Teardrops Press PhotoNYC’s neo-grunge trio, Baby Teardrops bring a new dimension to a fan-favorite track, “Smooth Sailing Ahead” by committing the song’s larger than life idea to film. The video, directed by Serg Soza with cinematography by Andrew Lyman-Clarke, takes frontman Matthew Dunehoo’s “rosier than possible” mantra and puts it in motion. Shot on the streets of New York, the video follows Dunehoo as he walks, observing others as he repeats “smooth sailing ahead”. Says Dunehoo, “I play the central character and in his open state of consideration and constant reiteration of the idea that everything will be ok, he seems to be open to radical circumstances going on around him. It's as if others can tell that my character is possessed of something they can't quite put their fingers on, in the midst of their own nonsense.” The video is available now here.


“Smooth Sailing Ahead”, shot on a very cold January weekend, features the Jackson Hole restaurant in Manhattan and the Local 269, a Lower East Side bar where drummer Gerry White works and is a favorite venue for the Teardrops.

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