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Australia’s Hailer Releases New Single “Anyway I Can”

Native Australian band, Hailer debuts their first single from album, Another Way (out Aug. 20). "Anyway I Can" displays Hailer's sonic-indie-rock roots in an uplifting story about the initial trials of discovering love.

Listen to "Anyway I Can" below.

Angus McDonald, Hailer's bassist and vocalist, who took over lead vocal duties from Phil Orr on the track says "Anyway I Can" is about "enduring the vulnerability and impatience in order to reach the dizzy heights of a new found love." His swift vocals mirror the upbeat melody and advocate that the ups and downs of a new love should be embraced as positive things for they are simply "part of the journey."

Though in the past Hailer has shared the stage with The Jezabels and We All Want To and have received college radio airplay at 120 stations around the U.S., they will tour the United States for the first time in September to promote Another Way. The journey of a U.S. tour speaks as a metaphor for their album as a whole, "It's about finding another way to do things," says McDonald. It's "about making time in your life to follow your passion, art, life, culture, places, people, politics, and music."

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