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ash.ØK Announces January 19 Album Release

Philadelphia producer ash.ØK weaves disparate threads of genre — electronica, trap, hip-hop, folk, blues, and ambient—into a fine tapestry of sonic innovation on his upcoming album, The Unraveled, due out January 19, 2018. The diversity reigns apparent with collaborations from a wide-ranging musical spectrum of artistry to include Kid Moxie, Grammy-nominated cellist, Tina Guo (Wonder Woman, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder), Chrysanthe Tan (Ariana Grande, Bastille, Alicia Keys), and Kaly (Buzzfeed’s Top 13 South Asian rappers) among others. The album was engineered by Grammy award-winner, Jeff Chestak (Kanye West, TI, R Kelly) and Ryan Schwabe (MIA, Ellie Goulding, Baauer).

The album kicks off with the release of the title track featuring Rebecca Loebe, who was named by The Alternate Root as one of the “30 best female singers in America.” The song examines the dissolution of love within intimate relationships as Loebe’s soulful Southern delivery transports the song’s slow swirling percussion into a melancholic ache.The driving force behind the entire album, the song revolves around the death of a relationship that is no longer about love, but about survival. His wife is on the verge of suicide, while he’s stuck in a downward spiral and too caught up in the day-to-day monotony to pay attention to the person who really needs it the most: his soulmate. She’s falling apart internally, struggling with mounting pressures in life and with the realization that the days of unadulterated happiness and euphoric love may no longer be returning.

Through the use of opposing perspectives on the album, ash.ØK embraces polarized storytelling of different factions as relationships shatter at pressure points and deteriorate from internal conflicts of the individual and their character over time. This theme is brought home in deftly-crafted and lushly layered textiles of sound. With lost whispers, harmonies, and artifacts from the recording process buried deep in the mix, ash.ØK produces with this sense of discovery in mind: there are layers of complexity in the repetition.

Collaborations on the album include:

  • Tina Guo:  Grammy-nominated instrumentalist who’s most recent work includes being the lead cellist for the new Wonder Woman movie, which she worked on with Oscar-Award winning composer, Hans Zimmer.  Her highly passionate fan base follows her on Youtube (70k+ followers) as well as her performances onstage with Ellie Goulding, Stevie Wonder, Far East Movement, John Legend, Foo Fighters and others.

  • Chrysanthe Tan: Lead violinist for Ariana Grande, Bastille, Justin Beiber who has also performed with Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Skylar Grey and others.

  • Kaly: Artist/Rapper who was featured on Buzzfeed’s Top 13 South Asian rappers and has recently collaborated on numerous projects with Academy and Oscar-Award winning composer, A.R. Rahman.

  • Rebecca Loebe: Indie folk rock/Americana artist who debuted on “The Voice” and was nominated as one of The Alternate Root’s “30 best female singers in America.”

  • Jomy George: Considered a living legend in Indian percussion, Jomy George’s tours and YouTube videos have gone viral internationally with performances at the White House and stages across US, Europe and Asia.

  • Rhodney “Rah” Sungee: Philly-based bassist player who is mainstay at major festivals and events including Coachella. Rah has performed on stage with a number of notable artists including Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott.

  • Conkarah:  Reggae artist whose music videos garner millions of views on each new release. With a solid fan base across the world, his original videos and covers, including a rendition of Adele’s “Hello”, have gone viral, receiving coverage from mainstream worldwide news outlets as well as praise from the original artists themselves. Conkarah performed at Reggae Sumfest 2012 alongside Damien ‘Junior Gong’ Marley, Bunny Wailer and Third World.

  • West Philadelphia Orchestra: Balkan brass band known for their unique style and energizing brass sound.  They have shared the stage with many groups including Balkan Beat Box, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar.

  • DJ Jounce: LA-based electronic/house DJ who has performed internationally in Ibiza, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Miami, Costa Rica, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and throughout Asia.

  • Anna Yvette: Anna Yvette is an EDM/electronica vocalist with releases on Interscope, Bad Boy, OWSLA, Atlantic, Big Beat, Universal, Monstercat, and has worked with multiple artists including Machine Gun Kelly, Cheryl Cole, Riff Raff, Rootkit, Aerochord, MitiS, MUST DIE!, Evol Intent, and Bro Safari.

The Unraveled Track Listing

  1. When (w/ The House Jacks)
  2. Chained Rebellion (w/ Kid Moxie X Chrysanthe Tan)
  3. The Unraveled (w/ Rebecca Loebe)
  4. Godly (w/ Kaly X Rah Sungee)
  5. Holding Sand (w/ Tina Guo)
  6. Breathe Me In (w/ Anna Yvette)
  7. Bitter Herbs (w/ Merry Ellen Kirk)
  8. Just Freedom
  9. Athenaeum
  10. We’ll Waste Away (w/ Robyn Cage X Jomy George)
  11. Liquid Therapy (w/ Flash Icaza)
  12. Shattered on the Inside (w/ Conkarah)
  13. Don’t Say Xie-Xie (w/ the West Philadelphia Orchestra)

About ash.ØK

Straddling cultures as a first-generation Indian American hailing from Philly, ash.ØK (Ashok Kailath) was as influenced by gritty boom bap of artists like Nas, Pharcyde, and Notorious B.I.G. as by the ancient music of his parent’s Indian Catholic heritage.The incongruity of continental divide and generations is what forges ash.ØK’s distinct sound, merging traditional Eastern themes and chord progressions with rich urban compositions of layered complexity. As a diligent student in the craft of production, sound engineering, and sequencing, ash.ØK debuted his first self-recorded full-length rap album on iTunes while still in college. The album featured multiple collaborations, including renowned Philly turntablist Onedependent, Brandon Young from HBO’s The Wire, and Naledge of Kidz in the Hall. Projects he’s contributed to for other artists have been recognized on a number of outlets including Buzzfeed, NBC, and MTV.


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