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Angie Keilhauer Releases “Made To Live By The Water” Video

As the whirlwind of fall buzzes like a pestering alarm clock and the brown lunch bags are snatched off the kitchen table by kids with sleepy eyes, Angie Keilhauer’s video for “Made To Live By The Water” draws us back to the carefree haze of an intoxicating summer. The song is off of her recently released country EP, Wild, which is now available on iTunes.

“Made To Live By The Water” Video

The Voice Audition

Keilhauer was a finalist on Season 10 of NBC’s "The Voice", after Blake Shelton fell in love with the passion and energy of her vocal style. Originally from El Salvador, she brings a bilingual twist to her music, which can be heard in the music video as it switches between the English and Spanish version of the song. This highlights Keilhauer’s diversity and depth as an artist. The wild energy that caught Shelton’s attention can also be seen as live performances make their way into focus. It’s apparent that Keilhauer feels right at home walking along the beach, carving waves on her surfboard, or being poolside with friends, because as sure as water is wet, she always seems to have a smile on her face.

About Angie Keilhauer

After performing on a Carnival Cruise Ship she auditioned for Season 10 of NBC’s "The Voice". Keilhauer impressed the judges and chose Blake Shelton as her Voice coach. She has since released her studio EP, Wild, and is one of the few country singers with a bilingual twist. Originally from El Salvador, she has released three versions of her songs exclusively in Spanish. Wild was produced by Dustin Richardson (Hunter Hayes).

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