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Anastasia Minster Releases Dark Jazz-Inspired Single, “Hour of the Wolf”

Anastasia Minster offers the malevolently picturesque title track off of her upcoming album, Hour of the Wolf, due out September 22. The “Hour of the Wolf” is a shadowy period between night and dawn (4-5 a.m.) when most people die and most babies are born. It is a crossroad of sorts where things can either be destroyed or have a new start. “Hour of the Wolf” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

The inspiration for “Hour of the Wolf” comes from Carl Jung, the father of analytic psychology. While the glow of the song is inspired by the opaque hour of life and death, the instrumentation and lyrics are inspired by Jung’s psyche concepts of the male and female unconscious. It is based off of Jung’s theory of the shadow self: the unconscious aspect of the personality, suppressed urges and desires, also known as the “dark side”. The dialogue of the song is a conversational bout between a man and a woman in a toxic relationship. Not only does this ardent conversation occur lyrically, but also in the instrumentation. Minster explains, “The interplay of the cello and saxophone in the instrumental part of the song turned out to be quite sensual. I think it supports the male (saxophone) vs female (cello) theme of the song well.”

About Anastasia Minster

Anastasia Minster is originally from Moscow, Russia. She moved to Toronto in 2013 to make a fresh start and to begin a career as a solo artist. Her debut album, Hour of the Wolf, combines elements of classical, folk and jazz. The album is due out September 22. Minster’s music pulls inspiration from avant garde films, the cycles of life and death, and even the theories of psychologist Carl Jung.

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