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Anastasia Minster Announces September 22 Album Release

The upcoming debut album release from Moscow-born artist Anastasia Minster, Hour of the Wolf, is dark and existential with a Rachmaninoff-like intensity that pours out of her own piano-driven jazz-inspired chamber pop. The album is due out September 22. The first single, “When I Die” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

After captivating audiences for several years, Minster left her homeland for Toronto in 2014, yet Russia remains deeply rooted in her soul. Now living in such a culturally rich and diverse area, her music has taken on a combination of styles and influences from each international region to include the intensity of Russian classical music, and the smooth, dusky elements of North American jazz. She explains, “When I lived in Moscow I was greatly influenced by European and North American music, especially jazz. Now that I have become an immigrant, I can’t help but look back at my homeland. Now that I see it from a distance, it gives me a perspective on the Russian culture and things that were once usual, take my breath away.”

As the birds welcome the day, Minster’s is music to break the silence of the dark and to accompany those witching-hour questions of life and death, estrangement and connection. Composing is her form of meditation, and a vessel for her unconscious mind which constantly finds a voice within each melodic breath. This voice becomes apparent on the single “When I Die.” Ghostly melodies dance around the gentle sway of a piano and a walking jazz bass line. The focus of the song is both tragic and light. In a way, it romanticizes death, but with the idea of embracing all aspects of human experience including dying.

Hour of the Wolf Track Listing

  1. Waiting for the Lion
  2. Shamaim
  3. Sleep Sleep
  4. With the Wind
  5. Warmheart
  6. When I Die
  7. Hour of the Wolf

About Anastasia Minster

Anastasia Minster is originally from Moscow, Russia. She moved to Toronto in 2014 to make a fresh start. Her debut album, Hour of the Wolf, combines elements of classical, folk and jazz. The album is due out this September.

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