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Anabot Releases Triumphant New mp3 “Take Down” Now Available For Download

”What is the opposite of giving up?” That’s a question that Analise Nelson, the powerfully-voiced front woman of Anabot asked herself during her first year in LA. Her answer, and the inspiration for her latest single was, “Well literally, it’s to take down.” It’s owning your life and your choices and not apologizing for any of it.” “Take Down” with its epic chorus featuring a choir of Nelson’s friends, alternately downtrodden and triumphant verses and arpeggiated organ solo, ultimately soars and takes even the most distressed heart along with it. Download “Take Down” now!

"As a musician in the digital age, I find myself torn between loving the warmth that can only come from analog recordings, looking up to older bands like ELO, The Beach Boys, and The Who," says front-woman and songwriter Analise Nelson, "but also being drawn and fascinated by modern electronic music." Anabot brings these worlds together on their self-titled EP, but not in a typical retro fashion. The songs that make up the EP hit a wide range of emotional as well as musical ground. "Queen Blues" asks the question, "is success and fame worth burning bridges or losing a sense of who you are?", while being driven by heavy guitar and piano hooks worthy of a Foxy Shazam record. The EP's first single, "I Am Not Afraid of the Dark" is a heartfelt and upbeat electronic-infused ballad about casting away the fears of intimacy and being close to someone. The EP closes with "(Don't You) Fight Against the Tide", which is result of surf rock guitar riffs and catchy synth lines thrown into a musical blender.

Though she was born in Northern California, Nelson spent her days growing up in the mountainous  area of Boulder, Colorado, surrounded by her parents' diverse taste in music. She grew up listening to classics like David Bowie and The Beach Boys, as well as a balance of jazz greats Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Etta James. It wasn't long until California began calling her back to, Los Angeles, Nelson's current source of inspiration. "LA is a city known for its glamour, but I've found it's a city with a lot of guts," notices Nelson. "There are a lot of hardworking people just trying to make something of themselves, and seeing that struggle is incredibly inspiring."

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