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American Songwriter Streams Tallahassee’s Old Ways A Week Early

American Songwriter is giving everyone a shot at hearing Americana quartet, Tallahassee’s second album, Old Ways, a week early. They praise the album’s evocative sound, “ Barthelmes’ music fits that bill well, rustling up memories of forgotten landscapes and rural, open-ended horizons,” and its mix of “down-tempo Americana [and] sweeping, guitar-based rockers.” Give Old Ways a spin now!

Old Ways
Track Listing

1. Old Brown Shoes
2. I’ll Be Damned
3. Minor Blues IV
4. Riding With The Devil
5. Old Ways
6. I Try
7. Prelude
8. Best of Days
9. Daggers
10. Where Oh Where

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  1. P., on May 5, 03:37 AM, wrote:

    I just finished listening to the stream, and I’d say this is definitely Tallahassee’s strongest effort to date. I’ve enjoyed their previous albums and EPs, but this record represents a major step forward in every department. The production is spot-on, the vocal and instrumental performances are excellent all around (with great multipart vocal harmonies and some really nice melodic guitar solos from Scott Thompson), and the songwriting beautifully captures a kind of thoughtful, weary optimism that I find totally engaging and convincing (and I’m pretty picky about that kind of thing). Highly recommended!

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