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AllMusic Premieres Neil Holyoak's Second Single "Red Queen Of Autumn"

"Neil Holyoak has put a surrealist, sometimes psychedelic, twist on folk and country music" - AllMusic

AllMusic premieres Neil Holyoak’s ambient single “Red Queen of Autumn” off of upcoming album Rags Across the Sun (9/9) from Epitonic Records.

Holyoak’s ethereal tone, echoed by complentative and minimalist instrumentation, guides listeners through an imaginary travelogue, evoking a surreal landscape where American urban sprawl merges with the Hong Kong hillside. The song came to Holyoak while he was living briefly in Gothenburg, Sweden. Walking around the countryside, he happened upon a grove, bathed in red hues. “The leaves were red on the trees, red on the ground, and that one color of blood red saturated my vision entirely,” Neil described. “That vision of that grove of trees stayed with me as I was writing, and gave me the idea for the title.”

Listen to the single here on AllMusic.

With its dreamy rock sound, “Red Queen of Autumn” diverges from the other songs on the album. The hypnotizing melody repeats in strange, quiet stanzas, forcing you to slow down and listen to the lyrics. This single is a perfect match for those that like to take time out of the everyday to immerse themselves in the sublime and ever-changing landscape that is the present moment.

Since 2006, Holyoak has released four full-length albums and worked with several industry greats. In October 2012, Neil began work on a new record with his band at Breakglass Studio in Montreal, working with engineer and producer Dave Smith (Wolf Parade, Stars, Patrick Watson, Sunset Rubdown). In July 2013, Holyoak recorded a single with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Handsome Furs) at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango and released The Silver Boys EP (2013) on Epitonic. Neil Holyoak also opened for S. Carey of Bon Iver in April of this year. Holyoak’s fifth album Rags Across The Sun is set to premiere September 9,2014.

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