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Allen Clapp Announces November 11 'Six Seasons' EP Release

The weather is as unpredictable as it is powerful. We get daily reports of how it dictates our morning commute or weekend plans, but what we’re really missing is how the weather affects our moods; our emotions. Navigating these psychological weather fronts has become the inspiration behind Northern California’s Allen Clapp, as he announces his experimental synthpop EP, Six Seasons, due out on November 11 on Minty Fresh (The Cardigans). His newest release gives us a look into the vague shifts in the atmosphere, the social landscape, and the soul throughout a year. The first single, “Friend Collector” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

Clapp set out to explore the interpersonal interactions of contemporary society after being inspired by the social commentary of the Kinks’ Ray Davies (Dedicated Follower of Fashion, A Well Respected Man). Tackling a truly current issue, he explains, “I’m trying to distill the real emotions that lurk behind the detachment of online friendship. Social media has definitely commoditized friendships to some extent. Anybody can see how many friends you have by just looking at your profile. But presumably, there are still people behind the profiles, and sometimes their motives are not immediately clear.” The upbeat melodies and bold, bright synthetic triplets of “Friend Collector” carry a slightly off-beat pop tune drenched with shimmering electronic keyboards.

Six Seasons is crafted like a journey for the senses. The EP begins with the more vibrant pop melodies of tracks like “Moss Falls Like Rain”, but evolves into a more conceptual science-fiction journey including the instrumental analog synth track, “Seasons 5 & 6 (Part One),” which could easily find its home in an episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Clapp calls himself an indie-pop weatherman, and invites each listener to explore the journey into sound with him, no matter what outcome the forecast might hold.

Six Seasons Track Listing

  1. Moss Falls Like Rain
  2. Friend Collector
  3. The Weight of Fallen Leaves
  4. Seasons 5 & 6 (Part One)
  5. Seasons 5 & 6 (Part Two)
  6. New Again

About Allen Clapp

Allen Clapp originally played and recorded six studio albums with the Orange Peels beginning in 1997, and has toured with numerous bands like The Shins, The B-52s, and Matthew Sweet. His music has been featured in national ad campaigns by Coca Cola, Target, and Samsung as well as tastemaker outlets including Pitchfork and All Music. His upcoming solo EP, Six Seasons, is a synthy pop-drenched collection with a bit of a conceptual twist. It is being released on Minty Fresh (The Cardigans, Veruca Salt) this fall.

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