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Adam Plomaritas Announces Single, “The Other Side”

The new single from Adam Plomaritas, “The Other Side” is an honest and heartfelt conversation about marriage and the rough road ahead. It pulls back the curtain with a leap of faith, and talks about the grit that keeps two people together even when the road seems to be driving them apart. Like a warm summer rain, the music’s sonic elements wash over each layer like beads of water on a car windshield. Featuring guitar contributions from Chris DuPont and pedal steel from Drew Howard, the single is now available on Spotify, and as an approved downloadable mp3.

“The Other Side” was inspired by a conversation that Plomaritas had with his wife before they were married. While sitting in her Dodge Neon in a Steak & Shake parking lot, he laid it all on the line, and told her about his dream of being a full time musician. Despite the erratic schedule, nights away, and inconsistent money, he promised that if they stayed together, it would be worth the instability. But he still gave her an out if she wanted it. Now a self-sustaining musician, Plomaritas reflects on the struggles along the way, and those he still faces. He explains, “The lyrics start off talking about how my wheels are spinning. Even though I’m creeping into my 30s in a profession where youth is paramount, it’ll all be worth it. As the song progresses with every milestone I hit and corner I turn, I’m worried that I may be losing her. So I keep walking that tightrope of fulfilling my dreams and career ambitions and being a present husband and father.”

Each element of the song ties together a piece of the story and puts Plomaritas’ honesty on display. As the guitar slowly progresses through each section, it is accented with radiant piano, a steady drum beat, and powerful vocal harmony hooks. DuPont adds an arpeggiated electric guitar that ties the entire foundation together. “The Other Side” builds from a slow rolling start to a full on plea with Plomaritas’ soaring vocals encapsulating elements of Americana and blues. There’s depth to the soul woven throughout, and that encapsulated mixture shines.

Tour Dates

7/12 - Vinotecca - Birmingham, MI
8/3 - Northville Winery and Brewing Co, Northville, MI
9/6 - Dark Horse Brewing Co, - Marshall, MI

About Adam Plomaritas:

Adam Plomaritas is a singer-songwriter from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He released an EP in 2012 called Leave the Light On, and a full length album, The Hard Way, in 2013 which was named #3 album of the year by Ann Arbor Radio's John Bommarito. His latest single, “The Other Side” features contributions from Chris DuPont and Drew Howard (Theo Katzman, Joshua Davis), and precedes his upcoming album, due out at the end of summer.

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