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Ryan's Smashing Life Premieres The North Country Single

The North Country Publicity Photo"Like Dylan's stolid song of love and loss, there is a quiet progression on this track - it plods lightly moving towards the light and we are witness to it all. The North Country have drafted a new, precise full of wonder and restraint - proving, that while there are few undiscovered countries of creativity out there, there's hope all around." - Ryan's Smashing Life

With a name derived from Bob Dylan’s “Girl From North Country,” DC newcomers, The North Country weave indie rock melodies within subtle Southern folk instrumentation on their new single, “Never There Part 1”. The catchy, flowing heartbreak ballad is sewn together with haunting, whisperous vocals, enthralling lyrics and arpeggio guitars inducing a sing-a-long groove as an alternative to wallowing in woes. The single is off their forthcoming album, There is Nothing to Fear, out April 20th.

The album’s lone, drumless single allows the strings to take on a percussive role in this relatable, lyrical catharsis for the disappointment of heartache. The strings croon throughout the seducing intro, leading into a melodic chorus of Andrew Grossman’s rich, velvety vocals inviting listener’s on an auditory daydream. With lyrics inspired by Tom Waits, “Never There Part 1” is an honest sentiment that arouses imagery and emotion through each coming verse. Grossman explains, “We’ve all suffered heartbreak, we’ve all feared loneliness, but the music stands as a testament it was all worthwhile; the overarching belief being: we’re all alone and confused so let’s be alone and confused together."

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