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4 Signs You're Ready to Hire a Music Publicist

We have a lot of bands who come to Green Light Go wanting to hire us as their music publicist. And of the bands that show up in our inbox, we only take on about 10%. Much of the time it’s about the music, but there are a few other factors that tell us if a band is ready for a music publicist and why we need to pass.

So how do you know if you’re ready for a music publicist? Take a look at these four signs to find out.

New Music to Release

First off, you should have new music to release, whether it be a single, album, video or EP. Without something new to promote, the publicist simply won’t have anything that would likely interest a music blog or news outlet. Media is inundated with information and the surest way to filter out what is in their inbox is to send something old. In addition to making sure you music is new you also want to make sure it’s of the highest quality. Again, media is looking for the best of the best and if you’re sending poorly produced, low quality music because you are eager to get your new song out there, you could be preventing coverage now and in the future by creating a bad first impression.

Have a Budget

If you are serious about hiring a publicist, make sure you have anywhere from $1500-$8000 for a professional music pr campaign. Every publicist is different in what and how they charge so do your research first to see if the pr firm is within your budget. Many will not list the rates on their site, so it may mean making a simple inquiry with the firms you want to work with to ask for rates. You should also be 100% comfortable investing that amount in a music pr campaign. There are no guarantees with music publicity so you have to be ready to take that risk no matter how it turns out.

Right Attitude

If you are a band no one has ever heard of you’ll need to be prepared to understand that it will take time to receive legitimate press coverage, even if you have a legitimate publicist. Ask yourself if you’ll have the patience and understanding when things don’t move as quickly as you’d like (and they won’t). Will you be able to look at every success, no matter how small, as a step forward in the direction you want to go? If you are hiring a music publicist simply because you want someone to ease the pain of being in a band by delivering instant success and credibility, you’re probably not ready.

Ready to Work

Here’s a little known secret about hiring a music publicist. In order to increase the success of your campaign, you’re going to have to work just as hard as your publicist. When we are working on campaigns we encourage bands to focus on certain aspects that could help drive additional coverage. This could be anything from booking more shows, to being more active on social media to networking at certain events. Take a look at your strengths and what you can do to help drive momentum in the campaign and then create a plan to make it happen.

Green Light Go: Go through this list to determine if you’re ready to hire a music publicist. Take a look at the areas you’re not ready and create action steps to prepare.

Sharing is Caring: Know someone who needs a music publicist? Send them this article to determine if he or she is ready.

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