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20 Questions with The Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark

"Vander Ark and his merry band of brothers sound positively engaged throughout, and fans who have been waiting for a new album from the group for so long won’t just be satisfied, but also impressed with how much the group has grown." —Evan Sawdey - PopMatters

To help celebrate The Verve Pipe’s first rock album in 13 years Brian Vander Ark chatted with PopMatters discussing his hidden talent, how Frozen can make a grown man cry, and his similarities to Hawkeye Pierce.

Check out the full interview on PopMatters! And find Overboard on iTunes, Amazon, and stream on AllMusic!

After a 13 year hiatus The Verve Pipe return with the independent release of their long-awaited rock album Overboard. With contributions from each member, the ten new rock songs are the result of a true collaboration within the band. The album's first single, “Crash Landing”, hits with soulful lyrics and seductive vocals set to music and a chorus whose pop/rock brilliance is reminiscent of their formative years. The haunting title track, “Overboard” (co-written with Jeff Daniels) is a compelling and dark tale of love and loss delivered with an alluring chorus that is truly unforgettable. The lyrics to “Hit and Run” are a dire warning of the consequences of escape set against a rhythm and funkiness that is both dynamic and explosive. The remaining songs on this long-awaited album, each unique and memorable, will resonate and live up to the expectations of their many fans and will undoubtedly make many new ones.

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