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Atwood Magazine Premieres Jared Saltiel, "Wayward Queen"

Atwood Magazine has the exclusive premiere of the first single from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jared Saltiel. "Wayward Queen" is off of his upcoming album, Out of Clay.   Jared Saltiel’s “Wayward Queen” is an homage to the things we’ve let slip as a society, a delicate and impassioned ballad for what makes our...  

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Outsmart Magazine Features Colonial Blue As Cover Story

Outsmart Magazine features Houston's Colonial Blue on the cover of their latest issue. The interview with singer and guitarist Stephanie Rice talks about her experiences with coming out, leaving home, and how music helped every step of the way.  What was it like getting up on stage to tell your truth...  

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Bandcamp Features Naomi Wachira

  Bandcamp Daily interviews Naomi Wachira about her new album Song of Lament to be released June 2, 2017. The interview with afro-folk singer Naomi Wachira delves into why she created the album, how the world around her affects her music, and what she wants people to get from her music.           "What do you...  

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GLG September Monthly Playlist: BBC6 Lauren Laverne- Lauren's Listening

Are you ready for a new kind of British invasion!? Let us show you the Green Light Go version of one of music’s most influential phenomenons by listening to our September Spotify playlist, “Lauren’s Listening”, inspired by Lauren Laverne’s BBC6 radio show. With artists including: Angel Olsen, Hurray for the...  

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Treble Zine Premieres The Yorks, "Parking Lots"

Treble Zine has the exclusive premiere of The Yorks latest track off of their upcoming debut self-titled EP. You can stream "Parking Lots" and learn more by going here.  “Parking Lots” is carefree, rolling out of the right side of lo-fi rock’s bed. Reminiscent of ’60s surf tracks but holding the...  

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Arcade Fire comes under fire for dress code show. EGRESS has another idea. by Paul Corsi

In July, the stylish and enigmatic band Arcade Fire received  backlash after announcing that their record release show would have a dress codeand a no phone policy. Arcade Fire’s rival band, This Way to the EGRESS, saw this as an opportunity to celebrate their own fans and make the most of an industry where audience banality seems to be the new normal.

Broke Royals Announces November 17 Album Release by Paul Corsi

Over the past six months, Broke Royals have been praised by Billboard for their "sing-along, arena-ready sound," named an Artist On The Rise by Southwest Airlines, and called one of the best live bands in DC by CBS. Their upcoming self-titled album is a picturesque combination of dance beats, driving rock melodies, and infectious pop hooks that feel like sunflair in the dark. 

The Big Takeover Premieres Sven-Erik Olsen, Sketchbook Traces by Paul Corsi

The Big Takeover has the exclusive premiere of Sven-Erik Olsen's new album, Sketchbook Traces.

Emily Curtis Announces November 10 EP Release by Paul Corsi

The debut EP from singer songwriter Emily Curtis, Hindsight, is a five-track call to bravery with resilient melodies and dynamic refrains prompting feelings of triumph and vigor. 

Wes Youssi Announces January 19 Album Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming outlaw country album from Wes Youssi is a freight train speeding past an iconic stretch of Americana coastline. It is the cathartic product of bar room brawls, unexpected lay-offs, a marriage, raising children, moving across the country, and unknowingly purchasing a police cruiser.

GLG September Monthly Playlist: BBC6 Lauren Laverne- Lauren's Listening by Bri

There's been a British invasion at Green Light Go! Listen to our September Spotify playlist, “Lauren’s Listening”, inspired by Lauren Laverne’s BBC6 radio show. With artists including: Angel Olsen, Hurray for the Riff Raff, and Slowdive, this mix is eclectic enough to listen to whether you're grabbing a cup of tea, or a brew (we won’t judge) with your mates. 

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Early Music Marketing Tips For Indie Artists by Janelle

You’ve probably heard all the standard things on how to promote your band. Let's move outside the proverbial box into areas that aren't as obvious. Read on to find out how!

Robin Jackson Announces November 3 Album Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming album from award-winning multi-instrumentalist Robin Jackson, Dark Stars, combines lyrical clarity and architecture of melody in a way that feels like a rainy afternoon in Portland. It’s a stretched canvas waiting for a splash of life. The album, due out November 3, was partially recorded at Portland’s legendary Type Foundry Studio (The Decemberists, REM, Modest Mouse).

Rotoscope Announces October 27 EP Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming EP release from Rotoscope conveys the angst that accompanies the exponential growth of technology. The fractured sounds of information from a broken society seductively swirl around a melodic motherboard representing a heavy digital disconnect. The Clean Lines EP is due out October 27, 2017. 

GLG August Monthly Playlist: KEXP - Seattle's Best by Janelle

Green Light Go has a fresh brew of new songs to keep you wired through August with our Seattle’s Best playlist. Inspired by KEXP, our playlist features artists such as Wilco, Alex Lahey, Naomi Wachira, Arcade Fire, Deep Sea Diver and more. Don’t be “latte” to this KEXP party, folks, you’re not going to want to miss this.

This article appears in the GLG Monthly Playlist blog.

Anastasia Minster Releases Dark Jazz-Inspired Single, “Hour of the Wolf” by Paul Corsi

Anastasia Minster offers the malevolently picturesque title track off of her upcoming album, Hour of the Wolf, due out September 22. The “Hour of the Wolf” is a shadowy period between night and dawn (4-5 a.m.) when most people die and most babies are born. It is a crossroad of sorts where things can either be destroyed or have a new start. 

Karla Kane Releases New Folk-pop Single, “King’s Daughter’s Home For Incurables,” by Paul Corsi

The latest song from Karla Kane is an enchanting and epic mix of the sincere and the tongue and cheek, full of timely political references, intriguing symbolism, and a wistful melody that takes listeners from the shores of California to the lush green fields of the English countryside. 

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