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No Depression Reviews Felsen

No Depression has a full review of the recently released album from Bay Area band, Felsen. The album, Blood Orange Moon, delivers a new telepathic message through melody and lyric beamed directly from their late-night West Oakland studio. There the band’s grudge match takes place between analog synth and cello, acoustic...  

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Fresh on The Net Features Belle of the Fall

  Fresh Faves: Batch 274 is hot off the press and features the indie-folk duo, Belle of the Fall.  The way this song has lodged itself in my brain over the past few days has been extraordinary. The Indie Folk duo have worked up a gem of a piece characterised by irresistible...  

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PopMatters Premieres Joel Levi

Americana singer, Joel Levi, announces his upcoming self-titled album, and PopMatters has the exclussive premiere of the first single, "Will We Ever Change?"  "Taking a page out of the playbook of artists like Dawes and Jason Isbell, Joel Levi is all about weaving a searingly heartfelt string into his brand of...  

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The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Matt Hectorne's New Album

The Bluegrass Situation has the exclusive premiere of Matt Hectorne's new album, Work. The LP will be released on January 19, but you can stream it right now  by going here.  “I feel it’s my most realized work, as far as my work as a writer, singer, arranger, producer, and frontman. I...  

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Paste Magazine Features Wes Youssi

Paste Magazine recently featured Wes Youssi's new album, Down Low, with a full review.  In a world where country music has turned into AutoTuned songs about bros and bikinis, anyone who keeps things classic stands out like the most bedazzled of Nudie suits. While Hank Williams, George Jones and Jim Reeves...  

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Mickelson Announces Single, “Plastic, Vinyl & Leather” by Paul Corsi

The new single from singer-songwriter Mickelson, “Plastic, Vinyl & Leather” is a powerfully anthemic wave turning the page of a fresh chapter. With a swell of emotion drawing from overcoming years of crippling depression, the single finds the balance between strong, subtle, unexpected, and sophisticated.

The Successful Guide to a Single Release Campaign by Bri

Struggling to get your band's single to break through? Don't stress, check out this blog to discover what makes a single release successful. 

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

Are You Assaulting Your Fans (Part One) by Janelle

It goes without saying: You shouldn’t assault your fans either physically or sexually, but there’s a more subtle way you may be assaulting your fans every single day, and you’re most likely not even aware you’re doing it. This guide will help you determine whether you are appropriately reaching out to fans, and how to connect and build positive relationships. 


The Incredible Vickers Brothers Release New Single, “In Memory” by Paul Corsi

An antidote for a broken heart, the new single from The Incredible Vickers Brothers, “In Memory”, captures a vintage boy-remembers-girl nostalgia like a cool drink tinged with a splash of bitterness.

Paste Magazine Features Wes Youssi by Paul Corsi

Paste Magazine recently featured Wes Youssi's new album, Down Low, with a full review. 

The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Matt Hectorne's New Album by Paul Corsi

The Bluegrass Situation has the exclusive premiere of Matt Hectorne's new album, Work.

Jodee Lewis Announces Americana Single, “Buzzard’s Bluff” by Paul Corsi

The new Americana single from Jodee Lewis, “Buzzard’s Bluff” is a cathartic release from deep within the Missouri Ozarks. 

Jared Saltiel Releases New Single, “The Fountain” by Paul Corsi

“The Fountain,” the scene-setting new single from singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jared Saltiel,  gently ushers the listener into an intoxicating haze of magical storytelling.

VanWyck Release Video for "Listen to You Breathe" by Janelle

VanWyck releases the video for the second single off her album, “Listen to You Breathe. Captivating and hauntingly atmospheric, the song delves into the dark excitement of creation.

4 Tools to Achieve Your 2018 Music Goals by Janelle

Are you planning out the goals for yourself or your band for the year, but are overwhelmed on how to get started? Are you not evern sure what kind of goals you should be setting? This article will help you first, identify your goals and second, utilize the correct tools in order to achieve them. 

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

The Best Time to Release Your Album in 2018 by Janelle

Ever wonder which month is the best to release your album? This helpful guide goes through every month to maximize release!

Treehouse Sanctum Releases Christmas Single, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” by Paul Corsi

Just in time for the holiday season, Treehouse Sanctum releases their take on the Christmas song, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”. With a steady, wandering cadence, the song is a dark exultant lullaby for those seeking a fresh take on the classic hymn. Its minimal instrumentation is full of lush harmonies that blanket the melodies like a white blanket of snow. 

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