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No Depression Premieres New Single From Dusty Stray

Dusty Stray is an indie folk artist based in Amsterdam, and No Depression premiered his most recent single, "Houses". You can read the full review here, and continue reading below for some of the highlights from the premiere.  "Even at their spookiest, ghosts remind us of loss, pain, and the way...  

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For Folk's Sake Premieres Rebekah Rolland's Debut Single

Americana artist Rebekah Rolland is gearing up to release her debut album. The first single, "Standing Still" is a vivid sunset gently swaying against the background of an evening prairie. For Folk's Sake had the exclusive premiere, and debuted the new single. "Standing Still" is a testament to this if there ever...  

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Nothing But Hope And Passion Premieres Harp Samuels

Nothing But Hope And Passion has the exclusive premiere of the latest single from Austrialian ambient folk artist Harp Samuels. Called "Evermore", they call it a tender and soft yet very powerful affair that forces the listener to slow down for a bit, give the song its space to unfold its beauty. You...  

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The Wild Honeypie Premieres Getaway Dogs' Single, "Papersoul II"

Santa Cruz based psych-folk band, Getaway Dogs, have a new single, "Papersoul II", and The Wild Honeypie is spreading the word. Check out their "Buzzing Daily" feature here and read what they have to say about the track. Read some of the highlights of the feature below.    The single's many layers...  

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What's Keeping the Music Industry from Discovering You?

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook can be a frustrating experience. Just when you overcome one hurdle to have your posts appear in a newsfeed, they create another algorithm and you have to start all over again.However, just because your posts aren’t appearing doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing your page.The...  

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The 405 Premieres New Single From Leafy Seadragon by Bri

Will Tomer from The 405 has a premiere of Leafy Seadragon's new single, "Disagree to Disagree". Read more to see what happens when two great musicians come together. 

The J.O.B. Announces Album, Highway of Shadows Due out November 9 by Paul Corsi

Richmond four-piece rock group, The J.O.B., tear out the pages of an intimate journal in their new album, Highway of Shadows.

How to Pitch a Music Blog: Pitchfork by Bri

Do you think your music is good enough to be featured in Pitchfork? before you send your music to them, here are a few things to consider. 

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New EP From Nickel&Rose is Featured in From One Chord to Another by Bri

Americana, the latest EP from Americana Folk duo Nickel&Rose, is capable of inspiring and informing its listeners. One Chord To Another is no exception as they feature the EP, which you can read about here!

No Depression Premieres New Single From Dusty Stray by Bri

Estranged, the new folk album from Dusty Stray is out now, and No Depression has premiered the newest single, "Houses". Find out why the single is a great addition for your fall playlist.

Mackenzie Shivers Announces Single, "Believe" by Bri

The new single from Queens, New York singer/songwriter, Mackenzie Shivers, opens itself up like a handwritten letter kept tucked away in the drawer of the bedside table. 

Last Day Deaf Features Callow's Single, "Go Down" by Bri

Callow's new single, "Go Down" has been featured in Last Day Deaf's Beyond Boundaries music feature! Find out why they make a great fit by reading more!

Glide Magazine Premiere's Dusty Stray's Album, "Estranged" by Bri

Discover new music from Glide Magazine this fall! They have premiered the new alt-folk album, Estranged, from Amsterdam based artist, Dusty Stray. Stream the album and read the premiere now!

The Wild Honeypie Premieres Getaway Dogs' Single, "Papersoul II" by Bri

Getaway Dogs are a Santa Cruz based psych-folk band with a brand new single out as of October 8. Check out "Papersoul II" in The Wild Honeypie's "Buzzing Daily" feature!

Reverend Screaming Fingers Announces Single, "No Destination" by Paul Corsi

The new single from Reverend Screaming Fingers snakes its way through an ancient desert sand. “No Destination” was composed for a three screen road trip projection piece by Joshua Tree artist Diane Best. 

The Best Time to Release Your Album in 2019 by Janelle

Are you planning to release an album in 2019? We're back with another yearly guide of the best months to release your music throughout the year. Read this guide to determine the best months to release your album and why. 

Sean Pawling Announces Single, "San Simeon" by Paul Corsi

The new single, “San Simeon”, from California artist Sean Pawling, bends and flickers like rays of color turning over on themselves in a psychedelic kaleidoscope.

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