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The 405 Premieres New Single From Leafy Seadragon

Leafy Seadragon is the creative result of two powerful musicians coming together. The duo is made up of Allen Clapp of The Orange Peels and Alison Faith Levy of The Loud Family, and together they have released a new single. Click here to see The 405's full premiere of their track,...  

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Nothing But Hope And Passion Premieres Harp Samuels

Nothing But Hope And Passion has the exclusive premiere of the latest single from Austrialian ambient folk artist Harp Samuels. Called "Evermore", they call it a tender and soft yet very powerful affair that forces the listener to slow down for a bit, give the song its space to unfold its beauty. You...  

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No Depression Premieres New Single From Dusty Stray

Dusty Stray is an indie folk artist based in Amsterdam, and No Depression premiered his most recent single, "Houses". You can read the full review here, and continue reading below for some of the highlights from the premiere.  "Even at their spookiest, ghosts remind us of loss, pain, and the way...  

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PopMatters Premieres "Breathe", the New Video from Harp Samuels

Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, Harp Samuels, has delivered an ambient folk treat with his new album, Breathe. To accompany the release, PopMatters has premiered the music video for the title track, "Breathe". Click here to watch the full video, and read below for some of the highlights.    Samuels takes a simplistic, yet powerful...  

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Fresh on the Net Features Nikkie McLeod

Afrofutire solo artist, Nikkie McLeod has a powerhouse of a single out, titled "Deep Cry", and Fresh on the Net made it a great addition to their Fresh Faves feature.  Everyone is drawn to this track. The afrofuture sound featuring Nikkie on the steel pan drum evokes a strong emotion that...  

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Mackenzie Shivers is Keyboard Magazine's Talent Scout Artist of the Week by Bri

Keyboard Magazine has featured the likes of some of the greatest talents such as Elton John and Tori Amos, and now Mackenzie Shivers. Read more about her feature as their "Talent Scout Artist of the Week"!

Elmore Magazine Exclusively Premieres "The Canyon" from Mackenzie Shivers by Bri

Elmore Magazine is here with an exclusive premiere of a new song off of Mackenzie Shivers' upcoming album! Check out the single, The Canyon", and find out how you can pre-order her album, The Unkindness.

Social Stance Saturday: When The Holidays Aren't Happy (by Ruth Acuff) by Bri

Ruth Acuff is a singer-songwriter and professional harpist who understands that the holidays can bring up difficult feelings just as much as positive ones. If you have ever felt a holiday melancholy, Ruth's social stance blog offers a hand in solidarity. 

Ruth Acuff Announces Single, "Peace" by Bri

Indie folk artist and professional harpist, Ruth Acuff, releases the tension in the world with her new holiday single, “Peace”. 

5 Reasons Your Music PR Campaign Failed by Janelle

Sometimes no matter what a music publicist does, he or she can’t get the music to react with media. There are also a few things that may contribute to the lack of response. The good news is that most of them can be overcome with a little effort from band members.

Daniel Steinbock Announces Single, "Out of Blue" by Bri

The new indie folk single from Daniel Steinbock moves like a sunbeam after a light drizzle of rain, leaving the earth with a glistening varnish of dew.

Mackenzie Shivers Announces Single, "Tears to Keep Me Warm" by Paul Corsi

The new single from Mackenzie Shivers vaults across the piano in a rhythmically triumphant leap.

Social Stance Saturday: Raise the Bar as a Musician, Lower the Ecological Footprint by Bri

Are you a touring musician who has felt the burden of your travel and how it affects the environment? Musician and environmental activist, Reverend Screaming Fingers, lives in an incredible eco-friendly vintage trailer in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA. He's doing his part by living a sustainable, off the grid lifestyle to make up for his impact, while still making his music a priority. Read all about his fascinating life here!

The Legal Immigrants Announce Single, "Hang On" by Paul Corsi

The new single from garage rock group The Legal Immigrants mainlines a shot of adrenaline straight to the system. 

Reverend Screaming Fingers Announces Single, “Yuma Interlude” by Paul Corsi

The new single from Reverend Screaming Fingers wanders gracefully across a dusty trail with a rust-tinged sunset as its guide. “Yuma Interlude” captures the soul of the open road and paints a vibrant picture.

Social Stance Saturday: November 6- Put That on Your Calendar (by Sean Pawling) by Bri

Do you want to make an impact for change that goes BEYOND voting this election season? Sean Pawling, Los Angeles based musician and songwriter, gives a fascinating perspective and insight as not only an artist but as an everyday citizen wanting to do more. In this Social Stance Saturday blog, he gives easy, relatable advice on how to take it to the next level.  

The J.O.B. Announces Single, “Glory Never Comes” by Paul Corsi

The new song from The J.O.B. shines a spotlight on the post-war plight of over 37,878 veterans sleeping on the sidewalks of America every night. 

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