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No Depression Gives a "Wondrous" Review of Mickelson's "A Wondrous Life"

The man of many talents, Mickelson, has a new album titled "A Wondrous Life", and the folks over at No Depression gave their review of the rocker's solo project. ?He is a rocker with a folkie's heart and shows it on his new album, A Wondrous Life. He shares music values with...  

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Fresh on the Net Features Nikkie McLeod

Afrofutire solo artist, Nikkie McLeod has a powerhouse of a single out, titled "Deep Cry", and Fresh on the Net made it a great addition to their Fresh Faves feature.  Everyone is drawn to this track. The afrofuture sound featuring Nikkie on the steel pan drum evokes a strong emotion that...  

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6 Components of a Great Bio

                                        A great bio is integral to getting your name out there by telling a story that is so captivating and engaging a media outlet can’t help but cover you. There is almost...  

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PopMatters Premieres Mountain Lions' New Single, "In The Valley"

Former contributor to the indie-rock band, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Steven Diaz is exploring a musical territory of his own with his new project, Mountain Lions. Having a knack for storytelling, the new Mountain Lions single "In The Valley" is just one magical chapter of the whole book. Click...  

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AllMusic Reviews The Incredible Vickers Brothers

On March 9, 2018 The Incredible Vickers Brothers released Torch Songs For swingers, and AllMusic gave their review of the upbeat power-pop album.  "Torch Songs was produced by Vickers' former Orange Peels bandmate Allen Clapp, and revels in tones of jangling power pop and smartly arranged pseudo-Americana replete with the kind of harmonies that could only be achieved by a blood relative...  

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"Loss": Social Stance by Harp Samuels by Bri

Harp Samuels, a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, has a new ambient-folk album titled Breathe, out September 14. This is an album created in the aftermath of his father's death. Already having lost his mother over a decade ago, Samuels is no stranger to loss, and his Social Stance is a great example of how real and strange losing a loved one can be. Read it now. 

PopMatters Premieres Mountain Lions' New Single, "In The Valley" by Bri

Find out why Jonathan Frahm from PopMatters is calling Mountain Lions' new single, 'explorative folk"! Read the premiere of and watch the music video for their single, "In The Valley" here!

AfroPunk Features Nickel&Rose Single, "Americana" by Bri

AfroPunk's Nathan Leigh called Nickel&Rose's single, "Americana", "One of the best folk songs" he's heard all year. Read more about it here!

Summer Magic Announces Single, “A Certain Little Chord” by Paul Corsi

Co-produced at Native Sound Recording with David Beeman (Pokey Lafarge, Tristen) and mixed by David Vandervelde (Father John Misty), the new single from Summer Magic, is bottled sunshine uncorked and unleashed.

The Big Takeover Premieres New Single From Summer Magic by Bri

St. Louis singer and multi-instrumentalist, Summer Magic, has a new single. The Big Takeover premieres another catchy sun-soaked tune, "A Certain Little Chord"!

How to Pitch a Music Blog: The Wild Honey Pie by Paul Corsi

How does your favorite band make it into your favorite music blog? That’s a great question. Trust me when I say that there is a lot more that goes into securing a placement in today’s top blogs than simply writing, recording, releasing, and sending in your music. 

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Beth // James “Lion Eyes” Single Featured in August 10 BlacKkKlansman Movie Release by Janelle

Beth // James single, “Lion Eyes” will be featured in the August 10 Spike Lee feature film, BlaKkKlansman, produced by Jordan Peele of Academy-Award® winning Get Out.

Harp Samuels Announces Single, ”Evermore” by Bri

The new ambient folk single, “Evermore” from Melbourne singer songwriter, Harp Samuels is the soothing sound of wind chimes crashing about in the growing breeze of a looming storm. 

Before I Was Famous: Maybe You Shouldn't Post That Song Just Yet by Paul Corsi

The premiere can be the difference between your band’s song receiving the attention it deserves, or just ending up as the sixth or seventh track on your mom’s “Driving Jams” mixtape.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Baeilou Announces Single, “Mourning Mantra” by Paul Corsi

Like a bright sun seen through an overcast haze, the new single from baroque singer-songwriter Baeilou is a warning of eventual planetary demise. “Mourning Mantra” uses a staccato cello and a caramel sweet melody to talk about the shifting landscape of earth. 

Young Readers Announces Single, “Dancing” by Janelle

The album, Migrator, was written and recorded when Young Readers’ Jordan Herrera was experiencing a musical high where everything seemed to be going his way. Yet, there’s a rawness and subtle sorrow on the album foreshadowing the looming darkness that fell on his life for the next three years.

Your Vote is Your Voice (Social Stance by Nickel&Rose) by Bri

Every day people are fighting for representation. Nickel&Rose know this, and that is why they are talking about it in their Social Stance. Read it now!

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