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Simon Lunche Announces Single, "Cherry Wine"

The new soul pop single from Simon Lunche, “Cherry Wine,” smolders with the intoxicating aroma of a crackling fire melting away the winter’s bite. Its indulgent mix of silky smooth guitar licks and caramelized vocals is a hypnotizing dance between two enamoured lovers. The romantic sway leans in slowly with...  

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PopMatters Premieres New Single from Simon Lunche

Simon Lunche is a soul- pop artist from Berkely, California. He is the youngest ever Gibson Guitar endorsed artist, and he is kicking off his guitar skills, that are far beyond his age, with his new single, "Cherry Wine". Jonathan Frahm and PopMatters premiered the single, which you can read in...  

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What's Keeping the Music Industry from Discovering You?

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook can be a frustrating experience. Just when you overcome one hurdle to have your posts appear in a newsfeed, they create another algorithm and you have to start all over again.However, just because your posts aren’t appearing doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing your page.The...  

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The Bluegrass Situation Premieres New Jonas Friddle Single

The Bluegrass Situaion premieres the new single, "Famous of Fires" from Chicago- based artist, Jonas Friddle. Click here for the full premiere, and read below for some of the highlights! With ‘Famous of Fire’ I just wanted to give an encouragement to those who choose to go at it young and sort...  

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Jess Clinton's "The Runaway" is KUTX's Song of the Day

"The Runaway", the new single from Brooklyn folk rocker, Jess Clinton, is featured in KUTX as the Song of the Day. The single grooves in wanderlust as it captures the desire to escape. You can see the full feature here and read some of the highlights below!   Jack Anderson of KUTX...  

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Jess Clinton Announces Single, "Sleeping Woman" by Bri

“Sleeping Woman”, the new single from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jess Clinton, sends a modest rage shivering down the spine of an imaginary mob of women, seething with a thirst to claim their place in the world. With its churning rhythms and free-wheeling rock nature amidst cool vocal sustains, “Sleeping Woman” jolts like heart awakened with curiosity by a distant sound in the night.

Model Citizen Announces Single, "The Other Shoe" by Bri

“The Other Shoe”, the new pop single from the 18-piece band, Model Citizen, is a solemn, heart-wrenching ballad thinking aloud about the regrets of a failing relationship. The single lyrically opens outward as each emotional confrontation spirals in the narrator’s mind, while deconstructed, stirring piano melodies waver lusciously beneath every earnest statement. 

James Rose Announces Single, "Simplicity" by Bri

“Simplicity”, the new single from Los Angeles musician James Rose, shimmers with refreshing gleams of psychedelic folk in a sun-soaked trance. His mellow California roots echo within each sonically orchestrated flow. “Simplicity” takes a deep breath of life and breathes out a revitalizing air-clearing exhale from the mind like a wave washing the coastal shore clean. 

Rich Layton & Tough Town Announce May 31 Album by Bri

Recently signed by Portland’s Never Lucky Records, Rich Layton & Tough Town weave a swampadelic soundtrack for a last chance Saturday night with their new album, Salvation Road. Each song fizzles out with a roaring bite and an undertone of tenderness like the last drop of whisky on the tip of the tongue. An empty table waits for each listener under the broken neon light in a dive bar out on Salvation Road.

Jess Clinton's "The Runaway" is KUTX's Song of the Day by Bri

Find out what KUTX is saying about Jess Clinton's new single, "The Runaway", as it is featured as their Song of the Day!

Jess Clinton Announces Single, "The Runaway" by Bri

“The Runaway”, the new single from Brooklyn singer-songwriter, Jess Clinton, stirs up a sultry but sweet premonition of wanderlust. The single’s introspective lyrics explore of the duality of escapism, both emotionally and physically. Deep ripples of guitar resonate in a pool of sweltering rhythm while cool, vintage-style organ rides the waves of each soulful groove. 

Rich Layton & Tough Town Announce Single, "Live to Rock" by Bri

In a world of compromises, those who find True North and follow wherever it leads have a treasure beyond measure. What if that pursuit was suddenly taken away? Would there be defeat, or a fight to get it all back? With their new single “Live to Rock,” Rich Layton & The Tough Town provide an anthem for everyone facing doubt, roadblocks, and brick walls to reclaim the one true thing at the core of who they are.

Model Citizen Announces Single, "Get Out" by Bri

“Get Out”, the new soul-pop single from 18-piece band, Model Citizen, smooths out the ridges of a mind being chiseled away by its own trepidation. Pure funk grooves swirl in rhythm with the cycle of drifting in and out of anxiety and self-contemplation. The single, out for release April 22, eases its way into May’s Mental Health Awareness month and delivers a rich, jazzy take on the inner workings of a mind pulling away from anxiety’s heavy force.

Orouni Announces April 19 Album by Bri

Partitions, the new album from French indie pop group, Orouni, guides the way through a musical reverie of an analytical mind. Inspired by songwriter Rémi Antoni’s perception of the world, Partitions navigates the internal atmosphere in which concepts like duality and dissociation are amplified with dazzling pop melodies and fluorescent chord progressions. The album as a whole basks in this aura of duality as both structure and fanciful sound entrance one another with unabashed whimsy.

Spectator Announce April 12 Album by Bri

Charlie, Baby is the new album from St. Louis dream-pop duo, Spectator. The wife and husband pair weave together this new collection of songs encompassing themes of love, loss, and growth. Each track bends these ideas into different angles, casting prismatic shapes against a darkening haze. Voltaic guitars and percussion dart in one direction while tender vocals and dreamy synth drift in another. Meditative lyrics reveal a sweet sentiment, a warm glow on the horizon. 

The Bluegrass Situation Premieres New Jonas Friddle Single by Bri

The Bluegrass Situaion premieres the new single, "Famous of Fires" from Chicago- based Americana artist, Jonas Friddle. 

Rich Layton & Tough Town Announce Single, "Salvation Road" by Bri

Throughout their careers, Elvis, Jerry Lee and Little Richard were torn between singing the devil’s music and the gospel songs they were raised on. Sixty years later, Rich Layton & Tough Town resolve that conflict with a song can get people on the dance floor Saturday night or in the aisles on Sunday morning. "Salvation Road" is the swampadelic title track and first single off the upcoming album co-produced by Layton and LA-based Terry Wilson, a fellow ex-Texan and 2019 Grammy nominee.

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