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What's Keeping the Music Industry from Discovering You?

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook can be a frustrating experience. Just when you overcome one hurdle to have your posts appear in a newsfeed, they create another algorithm and you have to start all over again.However, just because your posts aren’t appearing doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing your page.The...  

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No Depression Gives a "Wondrous" Review of Mickelson's "A Wondrous Life"

The man of many talents, Mickelson, has a new album titled "A Wondrous Life", and the folks over at No Depression gave their review of the rocker's solo project. ?He is a rocker with a folkie's heart and shows it on his new album, A Wondrous Life. He shares music values with...  

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Paste Magazine Features Wes Youssi

Paste Magazine recently featured Wes Youssi's new album, Down Low, with a full review.  In a world where country music has turned into AutoTuned songs about bros and bikinis, anyone who keeps things classic stands out like the most bedazzled of Nudie suits. While Hank Williams, George Jones and Jim Reeves...  

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AllMusic Reviews The Incredible Vickers Brothers

On March 9, 2018 The Incredible Vickers Brothers released Torch Songs For swingers, and AllMusic gave their review of the upbeat power-pop album.  "Torch Songs was produced by Vickers' former Orange Peels bandmate Allen Clapp, and revels in tones of jangling power pop and smartly arranged pseudo-Americana replete with the kind of harmonies that could only be achieved by a blood relative...  

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No Depression reviews Jodee Lewis' "Buzzard's Bluff"

Americana spitfire Jodee Lewis is bringing old school country vibes to all of us, and the folks over at No Depression took some time to recognize that. They gave a review of her album, Buzzard's Bluff, which came out on April 6th. "Buzzard's Bluff is a survivor's guide to healing, through and...  

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How to Find a Music Publicist You Can Trust by Janelle

Are you ready to hire a music pr firm to help promote your music? These tips will help you decide whether a pr firm is trustworthy and if they are suited to fit your band's needs. 

Wes Youssi - Album Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case study for Wes Youssi album release. 

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

5 Ways to Get on a Spotify Playlist by Janelle

You’re ready to get on a Spotify playlist, right? But how do you do it when you have no followers, no connections, and you don’t know the first thing about how to make it happen.

No Depression Gives a "Wondrous" Review of Mickelson's "A Wondrous Life" by Bri

Scott Mickelson, a many of may talents, has an upcoming album titled A Wondrous Life, and No Depression gives their review here!

The Wild Honeypie Buzzes About Belle of the Fall by Bri

This Wild Honeypie review of Belle of the Fall's single "Rise Up" is, well, wild! Read their sweet words here. 

No Depression reviews Jodee Lewis' "Buzzard's Bluff" by Bri

Jodee Lewis releases an album of strength and sensibility, and No Depression gave their review! Read it here. 

PopMatters premieres Belle of the Fall's New Album by Bri

Indie folk duo, Belle of the Fall, has a new album out. Popmatters premiered the album and got to ask the group some questions!

Pale Green Things Announces Single, “The Islands” by Paul Corsi

Set to a luminous background of ethereal synth sounds, the new single from lo-fi indie folk act Pale Green Things, “The Islands”, is an escape from reality. Combining charming, inviting vocals with minimalist instrumentation, the melodies eb and flow like a hidden lagoon. 

Brandon Grafius Announces Folk Single, “Cardinal in Winter” by Tyler Ulewicz

The new single from Brandon Grafius, “Cardinal in Winter”, lifts the veil of the season with a buoyant flutter into spring. Melodic piano and spirited harmonica join a frolicking acoustic guitar like rays of the sun on a warm spring day.

No Country For New Nashville Premieres Joel Levi's New Single by Bri

No Country For New Nashville premieres Americana Folk musician, Joel Levi's, new single off of his upcoming album.

Cosmos Sunshine Announces Single, “Letdown” by Paul Corsi

The new psych rock single from Cosmos Sunshine, “Letdown” is a jolt of sonic electricity. With a roaring chorus and venomous lyrics, the ensuing combination makes for a raucous treat. Buzzing amplifiers gives life to power chords with purpose, as the melody chugs through its gargantuan riff. 

AllMusic Reviews The Incredible Vickers Brothers by Bri

The Incredible Vickers Brothers released the power-pop album, Torch Songs For Swingers, and the awesome folks over at AllMusic gave their thoughts on it. 

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