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High Five! from Stars in Coma

André Brorsson, the singer, songwriter, and producer behind Stars in Coma, says that his home in Malmo, Sweden has had a major influence on his music. “The cold forces us to stay indoors and continuously play music,” he says, only half joking. Live, Brorsson fleshes out the songs with the help of his girlfriend Nicole Eklund on flute and keys, bass player Mattias Lidehäll, and drummer Håkan Carlsson.

This week, Stars in Coma toss up a High Five! of the quirky hobbies that help them brave the winter months:


1. Playing Computer Games

André Brorsson (Singer/Songwriter): 

I enjoy playing computer games, especially MMOs (massively multiplayer online games). Star Wars: The Old Republic is my MMO of choice right now, mainly because I've been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a kid. I can still recall the excitement I felt from renting Return of the Jedi for the very first time when I was six. Nicole, however, is more into casual smartphone games such as Fruit Ninja, Bouncy Mouse, and Doodle Jump. Sometimes, I feel bad that I spend so much time in front of the computer. I use my PC for nearly all of my daily activities, including work, music-making, and gaming. I should really go out more, but I'm too lazy.



2. Viking Reenactment

Nicole Eklund (Flute/Keys):

I have been into Viking reenactment since 2006. When I was a kid, every summer my mother took me to visit the Viking museum and village in the outskirts of the town where I was born. I loved it! I usually live the Viking life once a month, or a little more often during the summer. When I have the time and money, I also visit Viking markets around Europe. When I'm in the Viking village, I do a lot of singing and needle binding (a Viking knitting activity). It's such a great feeling to just leave the stress of the modern world behind and relax for a while. I also love the wonderful people I meet, like the beardy Vikings who swordfight and the fantastic musicians and artisans who make beautiful things. Oh, and I can't forget about the parties! If you haven’t partied with a Viking, you have never really partied.



3. Reading


Nicole Eklund (Flute/Keys):

There are always various books lying on our bedside tables. I usually read novels and academic literature (because of my studies), but my "guilty pleasures" include youth novels and children’s books. My absolute favorites are the Tomorrow, When the War Began series and The Wind on the Moon. André is more into music biographies, poetry, and various blogs. He occasionally likes to read academic books, not because he has to, but because he thinks they’re fun.



4. Partying/Dancing

André Brorsson (Singer/Songwriter): 

What would life be like without friends, wine, dancing, and good music? We usually go to a place here in Malmö called Debaser that hosts great bands and club nights. Sometimes, fun or unusual stuff will happen when we reach a certain level of intoxication, like switching clothes, doing strange theatrics in the kitchen, or playing spontaneous gigs in our living room.



5 Watching TV Shows

André Brorsson (Singer/Songwriter): 

We like to spend our lazy Sundays on our new, huge sofa watching different TV shows. Some of our favorite shows include Fringe, Modern Family, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, 30 Rock, and Glee. (The list just goes on!) In our opinion, all of the good stuff comes from the U.S. or the U.K. I recently watched a documentary that discussed the idea that people become addicted to television shows...and I completely agree!


Listen to Stars in Coma's Radio.

This week's High Five! is brought to you by: Stars in Coma with Lauren Mercury Roberts 


To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

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