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High Five! from Space Balloons

Space Balloons band mates Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein are visitors from another planet who host the TV show Worried All the Time. Based on the children’s book The Little Prince, Worried All the Time is aimed at an audience of kids and adults who don't quite fit in. As Space Balloons explain, “We Space Balloons have arrived on Earth to teach children about Balloononian society and culture. However, we are not the first space creatures to teach children of important alien customs, so here is a High Five! of our favorite alien educators:"


1. Beezbo  

Sure, Beezbo spent most of his time learning Earth customs instead of teaching others about his home-planet’s dos and don'ts, but he educated children by learning from them. We can all learn through teaching!


2. The Martians on Sesame Street

The Martians work very hard to teach kids how to say "nope nope nope" and "yip yip yip.” These are obviously very important skills for a developing mind.


3. The Hoobs

Hoobland might be a lonely place with no alpacas, but at least The Hoobs get to speak with a British accent. Much can be learned from these creatures!


4. Alf

Sure, Alf may have eaten a few cats in his day before he learned that it wasn't a very nice thing to do, but we can’t blame him for that. Alf was a very popular fellow on his home planet of Melmac, but when he arrived on Earth, he discovered that the popular clique wasn't so easy to join. This is an important lesson for Earth kids; be true to yourself, because you never know when your spaceship will crash on a planet full of tasty treats that you aren't allowed to snack on.


5. Xuxa

Xuxa is particularly admirable for her love of all types of creatures, including humans, hominid foxes, and bears.


Listen to Space Balloons' Radio.

This week's High Five! is brought to you by: Space Balloons with Lauren Mercury Roberts


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