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High Five! from Silverhawk

John and Sam Densmore first began playing acoustic shows in the early nineties around their hometown of Coos Bay, Oregon. In 1995 when the brothers moved to Olympia, they changed the name of their band from Slow Children to Frequency db and began working with producer Jeremy Wilson (Dharma Bums, Pilot). The Densmores released Blue Down Where the Diver Goes in 1998, while touring heavily with rock icons Frank Black, Screaming Trees, and The Posies. They also became sought after studio musicians that backed songwriters such as Jeremy Wilson and Ted Connelly.

When Sam Densmore was hit by a car in 2000 and decided to move back to Coos Bay to convalesce, Frequency db broke up. “In April 2000, I put together Sam Densmore’s Silverhawk,” Sam explains, “[because] two white hawks would sit in the trees behind my mother’s house. It seemed significant for some reason and my elementary school’s team mascot was the Silverhawks. We never won any games, so I thought I’d turn that story around with a radical rock ’n’ roll band name.”
 In the fall of 2000, Sam cut the Flowers In June EP with Dai Kelley on bass and Paul Elkins on drums. The trio spent a year and a half on the road to support the Pop Sweatshop release.  

John Densmore joined Silverhawk in 2002 and the brothers continued making music under the Silverhawk moniker. They recorded and released Westward in 2004 on the Blue Eyed Crow Music label. In 2005, they signed with Jeremy Wilson’s label/studio, MastanMusic. Silverhawk toured extensively through 2007 in support of Hangover Bicycle Ride and the band plans to get back on the road next year to promote their upcoming February 2012 release, The Forest for the Trees.

After a long night on the stage, the men of Silverhawk like to kick back with one of their favorite cocktails. (The band also recommends #1 to any brave soul who has to face the mall this evening in search of a few last-minute holiday gifts):


1.  A Shot of Jameson and Beer Back

Loving whiskey is a prerequisite to earning your rock ‘n’ roll stripes.


2.  Cheep Beer

Cheap beer is always refreshing after a long set.


3.  Vodka

Bottom’s up! Who needs a chaser when you can drink vodka straight out of the bottle?


4.  Jägermeister

What goes well with a shot of Jäger? Heavy metal!


5.  Free Drinks

They say the best things in life are free. When it comes to booze, we couldn’t agree more!


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This week’s High Five! is brought to you by: Silverhawk with Lauren Mercury Roberts


To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

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