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High Five! from Sharaya Mikael

Sharaya Mikael never set out to be a musician, although she has loved music ever since she can remember. “I was raised on 80’s Billboard hits,” she confesses. “Belinda Carlisle was a childhood favorite, along with Whitney, Mariah, and Madonna. I’m sure that has influenced my melodies and hooks. In my teens, I went through a Fiona Apple / Erykah Badu phase, and although I'm not sure how that translates, I do remember feeling connected to the depth of the poetic lyrics." Less than a year ago, the talented songwriter traded her day job for sheet music and began creating a buzz with her freewheeling approach to her career. Sharaya's first five song EP, Far Field, was independently released in 2010 and sold over 2,000 copies during a marathon 50-state promotional tour. Before hitting the road again, Sharaya Mikael tosses up a High Five! of her favorite tour essentials:


1. Vintage Swiss Army Backpack

This backpack leaves my hands free so I can carry my guitar in one hand, and my coffee or iPhone in the other. The Swiss Army bag is comfortable to wear, it’s durable, and it looks cool. I always limit myself to only packing what I can fit in here, which is always a fun challenge. (Note: I went with the Swiss backpack because Switzerland is neutral).


2. Stumptown Coffee & Travel Cone Filter

Growing up in the Northwest corner of the U.S., I’ve developed an appreciation for good coffee. I won’t leave home without a fresh bag of Portland's finest java, Stumptown Coffee, and a single cup cone filter. I’ll make myself a fresh cup anywhere I can find boiling water. No sugar or cream for me, thanks!


3. A Good Read

I’m always open to recommendations, but I usually lean toward classic authors, like Steinbeck, Hemingway, and FitzgeraldBill Bryson is also a favorite, I often catch myself laughing out loud while reading his books.


4. Nike Running Gear

When I’m on tour, I love to go running to get the blood flowing after hours of sitting in a van or car and have a little alone time. Running is the cheapest way to do some sightseeing and get a feel for a new city. I also love the Nike Training Club App for the iPhone and iPad, it’s really inspiring.


5. Ear Plugs, Eye Mask, and Neck Pillow

I may look like a total nerd, but I am a serious sleeper. I wouldn’t call myself a morning person or a night person, I’m a sleep person. I can’t function on less than seven hours, so these nifty little devices ensure that I can pass out anywhere, at any time.


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This week's High Five! is brought to you by: Sharaya Mikael with Lauren Mercury Roberts

To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

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