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High Five! from i am Love

Joshua Christopher grew up in the Pennsylvania countryside outside of Philadelphia, an area deeply rooted in early American culture. He explains, “This is where many of our founding fathers lived when they birthed this great nation. The countryside has a strong influence on our style of living, as well as our music.”
 Like many folk musicians, Christopher wants to use music to make the world a better place. “i am Love was born after my visit to post-earthquake Haiti,” he says, “I wrote Starting Over on the trip and decided to release it to help raise awareness for Haitian run charities.”


At first, Christopher thought i am Love would be a solo singer/songwriter project. He started working on the EP with his friend William Whitmire, who soon became i am Love’s bass player. With seven musicians that could contribute cello, viola, flugelhorn, violin, trumpet, harp, banjo, eclectic drumming and other musical textures, i am Love went into the studio to lay down the tracks for Starting Over. “Since I had only made music on my own in the past, writing parts and communicating what I wanted while letting each musician have creative input was a new process,” Christopher notes.

Through this process, Joshua Christopher has walked through the fire and has come out a stronger man. Most of the songs on Starting Over were composed after recovering from a near fatal accident. “I ran into a tractor trailer and spent twelve months convalescing from the crash,” he recalls, “I didn’t listen to any music that year, but I wrote myself to life with these songs. I’d sit and meditate while strumming my guitar; the melodies and lyrics came to me from the great beyond. Life has been difficult for me at times, but there is a sense of spirituality that drives me on to continue.”

These days, everyone in the band lives in Chester County, PA, known for its large organic farming community and a home that was once occupied by George Washington. Since the members of i am Love often spend their free time taking in the beautiful landscapes of Pennsylvania, the avid campers discuss their favorite survival tools in this week’s High Five!:


1.  Lighter

A lighter is the most essential camping item. You can’t have a camping trip without a campfire and since we have no time for rubbing sticks together, we always carry a lighter. This is also a useful tool that can light other things that contribute to a great night in the woods.


2.  Beer

Only after the campfire has been lighted, may you call upon the second most essential camping item: beer.  Beer is a great partner to any camping meal, whether vegetarian or meatatarian. Pabst Blue Ribbon is first class in its ability to make any meal taste great! PBR also gets us prepared for a night in the wild.


3. Toilet Paper

Yes, you must pack toilet paper, because leaves just won't do.


4. Hatchet

A hatchet is great for making logs for the fire. We also like to have hatchet throwing competitions (not while drinking though, of course).


5.  Tom's Bass Drum of Death

The orchestral bass drum is our secret weapon. This drum has been used to store many camping items, it can be used as a floatation device, it’s great for scaring off bears or unwanted neighbors, and for starting epic jam sessions while dancing around the fire drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon.


Listen to i am Love's Radio.

This week's High Five! is brought to you by: i am Love with Lauren Mercury Roberts


To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

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