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High Five! from Golden Bloom's Josh Cohen

To say that Josh Cohen is a busy man is quite an understatement. In the past year, the bassist, keyboardist, and lover of melodicas has toured non-stop with Golden Bloom, Guster, and Neutral Uke Hotel, managed to record three distinctly different Daytrotter Sessions, and launched the Black Hat Music Studio, Boston's newest professional multi-track recording and production studio. Since the Beantown native spends more time on the road than anyone we've ever met, it was no surprise that this week's High Five! covers Josh Cohen's top five places to visit while on tour:


1. The City Museum, St. Louis, MO

When traveling around the country in a car, van, or bus, it's easy to to get leg cramps and a sore back. What better way to stretch out than climbing through a hardened, giant Slinky, freely suspended five stories above the ground, leading to a hollowed out airplane? Once you get to the roof, which contains a ferris wheel that overlooks the arch, you can get back down to the ground floor quickly by taking the ten-story slide.


2. U Otter Stop Inn, Minneapolis, MN

It's easy to get caught up in your own music and trying to perfect what you do. There's no better way to jump back to reality than visiting a bar that exists only for karaoke. The regulars totally run the gamut, from singers whose parents told them they sounded good while singing in the shower, to people who are so natural they almost make you want to reevaluate your career choice.


3. Cripple Creek Music, Ashland, OR

With the advent of technology in all facets of music these days, it's sometimes far too easy to forget how good it feels to pick up a hunk of wood with steel or animal hide stretched across it and play acoustically. It's so inspiring to have a jam session with your band mates on instruments that predate your great-grandparents.


4. Perche Creek, Columbia, MO

While it's never a good idea to be in a band with people you don't get along with, it's inevitable that frustrations will arise while in such close quarters. A great way to relieve the stress is to step into the 85 mph fast-pitch batting cage, after whacking a couple golf balls at old cars on the driving range. If you get specific permission, I've heard they may even let you play bumper cars on the go kart track. 


5. Hot Springs, Jemez Springs, NM

When none of the above is inspiring or stress-relieving enough, there's always nature. Located far enough away from civilization that there is virtually no light pollution, are the Hot Springs. It's is a great bonding experience with your travel mates to hike over a mile up the side of a mountain and then relax in a large, mineralized hot tub.



This week's High Five! is brought to you by: Josh Cohen with Lauren Mercury Roberts

Photo Credit: Kelly Davidson


To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

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