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High Five! from Computer Perfection

“Fermenting in a Brach’s mix of the sound made by 1970’s knockoff guitars, dinner parties, loose lips, obsolete synthesizers, film nights, familial relics, analog delay, morning coffee, [and] the strangely colored matter made when a male voice brushes against its female counterpart,” Detroit’s psychedelic synthpop outfit Computer Perfection began as a means to and end. Several years ago, during one of Pas/Cal's many extended hiatuses, the now husband and wife duo Gene Corduroy and Amy Bem returned to Michigan from New York City to buy a home, start a family, and relish in the American Dream. Upon arriving in Ferndale, Michigan, the couple called on an old friend, Nathaniel F.H. Burgundy IV, to fill out the trio and contribute to the band’s yearlong recording collaboration. Weaving literary references with krautrock influences, Computer Perfection more recently expanded with the addition of drummer Alex Trajano and former Scarlet Oaks frontman Stevers McFever, prior to releasing a free, downloadable version of the The Merry Microbes EP in August of 2011.

Before taking the stage at Ferndale's annual DIY Street Fair on Septermber 17th, the members of Computer Perfection toss up a High Five! to shed some light on the things they love most:


1. Commonwealth - Birmingham, MI

(Nathaniel F.H. Burgundy IV - Synth, Noises, Words, & Voice)

This is the most pitch-perfect breakfast spot in Michigan. So many dining establishments in the area have come so close to Commonwealth, but they fall short. Some restaurants may have great food, but are tarnished by terrible ambience, while others might have the food and ambience nailed, but fail due to awful service. Commonwealth offers fare that is simple and inventive, incorporates a decidedly un-Midwestern, hip atmosphere, and has a staff of courteous and knowledgeable people. I haven't even mentioned the coffee, which is the best you'll get in the Detroit area. I'm hopelessly in love with Commonwealth.


2. The Criterion Collection

(Nathaniel F.H. Burgundy IV - Synth, Noises, Words, & Voice)

I should really couple this with Netflix, as they have both been entertaining me lately. I stopped watching television altogether some months ago and have found that its absence makes a good excuse to catch up on cinema. One can't go wrong with exploring the annals of The Criterion Collection and their expertly curated selections. Even the duds I've chanced upon (and they do exist), have offered me some fresh insight and perspective I had not considered previously. If you're going to devote two or three hours of your life to someone else's creation, why not select the very best the world has to offer?


3. Western Market - Ferndale, MI

(Amy Bem - Voice)

I know...more food. This is what we like and this is why we're friends. I am the cook and the pusher of food, hence my love affair with Western Market. This store has provided lots of great food and wine for Computer Perfections's good times! I love walking through the aisles thinking about what our pals might want to eat. Stevers likes stinky cheese, Nathan craves the unusual, I know Alex liked my meatballs (don't be dirty), and Gene? Well, Gene eats whatever I give him. Speaking of food, it's time for a CP BBQ! 


4. Belle Isle, MI

(Gene Corduroy - Guitar, Words, Voice)

Belle Isle is the largest island park in the country. In fact, it's even bigger than NYC’s Central Park, although it was designed by the same person (Frederick Law Olmstead). Belle Isle may be chock-full of history, but I just like the feeling I get from being there. The amazing views, huge freighters slipping by in near silence, jalopies booming bass, wildlife, biking trails, and picnics at the Belle Isle beach make me feel lucky to have such a treasure so close by...and it’s free!


5. Christopher Gideon - Artist

(Gene Corduroy - Guitar, Words, Voice) 

Christopher Gideon is one of my dearest friends and a longtime co-conspirator in all things art and music. We went to architecture school together, but he has recently devoted his creative energies toward amazingly well-crafted, fractured pop art in multiple mediums. Christopher created an image for the CD booklet in our first album, We Wish You Well on Your Way to Hell, for the song, "Silence is a Shadow’s Dream." Next time, I think he shall design the cover.

This week's High Five! is brought to you by: Computer Perfection with Lauren Mercury Roberts

To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

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