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Refer a Band to GLG. You Get Paid. They Get Paid.

Welcome to our referral program that rewards both you and the band you refer. We get that money is often the #1 barrier to hiring a publicist, so our hope is that by creating cash rewards/discounts we'll be able to break down that barrier if even just a little bit. The added bonus is that we get to work with new bands that we love just as much as we love your band.

The rewards are highlighted below for both parties and also the type of client we select for our roster. Our ratio of accepting bands who come to us rests around about 20%. Yep, we turn down approximately 80% of the bands who come to us about publicizing their album or EP. 

If you are sending someone our way, simply make the introduction or make sure they mention your name when they contact us. We'll be tracking everything and you'll have access to a document so you see where you stand. Bands can submit directly for consideration on our contact page.

More information on our services can be found on the services page.

Thanks for supporting what we do at GLG!



album ep publicity discounts



single publicity discount



Increase your chances of referral benefits by targeting the right clients:
How do you know a client is right for our roster? In a nutshell, if you’ve been on our roster or we’ve said we LOVE your band, chances are someone similar to you is the right fit. This is the bread of butter of what we look at when considering a band:

• Do we love the music? It’s typically in the indie folk, indie rock, dream pop, synth pop and Americana genres.
• Releasing a single, album or EP
• Clear cut goals and know what they want to achieve
• Ready to put in the hard work to make their campaign a success.
• Want to act as a partner in the campaign.
• Social media ready


• Save your referral $ to pay for your next 12-week campaign:
• 10 clients = jump start
• 15 clients = mid-sized
• 20 clients = full sized
• 50 clients - luxury campaign

For more info on our services go to

To be eligible for referral $ the referred client must sign to the GLG roster. 

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