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Is your most common thought, “I just want more people to hear my music?”

Is it then followed by, “Why does nobody listen to my music?”

Let’s face it, being in a band is hard enough without all the added pressure of finding exposure. You could play 100 shows in 100 different cities but still only have a handful of likes, follows, and plays on all of your social media sites. How do you go from garageband to jukebox heroes playing to actual music fans? Your band is your product and you have to sell your goods and services to those hungry ears waiting to discover you. Look at your live show as the business interview where you demonstrate that product. But how do you get the interview set up in the first place? Having a strong publicity campaign is like having a solid and reputable resume. It helps you network with key players in your city, and around the world, giving you an added edge in the music market.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, how do I do publicity?” For years it might have seemed like hiring a publicist or signing with a record label was the only absolute, written-in-stone method of securing press. But what if I told you that you could do essentially the same thing on your own time and more importantly your own dime?

We get it. Every dollar you have in the torn up “band fund” envelope is going towards buying strings, gas for the van, and fixing that amp that never seems to stop buzzing. If you’re caught between wanting more exposure and not having thousands of dollars to pay a publicist to do it for you, then we have a DIY solution for the DIY musician in you.

Ignition, a step-by-step DIY publicity campaign, gives you weekly steps to run your own campaign clearly and effectively to increase exposure on your band and get your music heard.

“Speaking from personal experience, once you put the tools to use, they really do work.” Paul Corsi, Go Tiger Go *

This program is open to ALL genres, sizes, and styles of bands, and gives every musician the opportunity to tap into the publicist’s skillset.

Ignition will launch on June 15. Cost is $150 for the program.

*Disclaimer: Paul Corsi worked the Ignition program on his own, but is also the publicity assistant at Green Light Go Publicity and was able to receive additional consulting not included in the plan.

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Paul Corsi

When he’s not playing a show or practicing with his band Go Tiger, Go! he can be found at one of Detroit’s best new restaurants or taking in the sights and sounds that the area has to offer. He loves running, coffee houses, playing with puppies, and the occasional vortex of video games.

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