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Ignition DIY Publicity Campaign: What Is It?

Are you caught between wanting more exposure and not having thousands of dollars to pay a publicist to do it for you?

We often have bands come to us with that very dilemma. They want to work with us, but just don’t have the budget to invest in a full publicity campaign. We realize that not all bands can afford to hire us. We are also very selective on who we add to our roster. We also don’t think you should be punished for those reasons. We also want to give an opportunity for bands of all sizes and genes to have their music heard without those barriers.

On June 15 we’ll launch Ignition, a step-by-step DIY publicity campaign program, to give you weekly steps to run your own campaign clearly and effectively. All with the intent to increase exposure on your band and get your music heard.

This is what will be included:

  • A week by week plan to run your own 12 or 16 week publicity campaign
  • Each week will include easy actionable steps to move your band forward even if you’re not entirely sure what publicity means
  • Tips and tools to gain more exposure for your band including:
  •              Writing an effective bio, press release and pitch
  •              How to create a targeted press list to those who would be most interested              in your music
  •              When to release singles and your album to gain the most exposure

This program is open to all genres, sizes and styles. How do you know if it’s right for you?

  • You are ready to invest 5-10 hours per week running your own campaign
  • You don’t get discouraged easily and know good things take time
  • You’re ready to fully commit to the exposure of your album or EP release and fully put the work in to do it

How do you know if this program IS NOT right for you?

  • You think it will bring your band instant success and bloggers will come running to cover you after you send the first press release
  • You hate social media and don’t want anything to do with it
  • You get easily frustrated and give up at the first sign of defeat

Do You Have the Risk Tolerance for a Music PR Campaign?

“Speaking from personal experience, once you put the tools to use, they really do work.” Paul Corsi, Go Tiger Go *

Ignition will be available on June 15. The cost is $150.

Find out why it could be right for you here.


*Disclaimer: Paul Corsi worked the Ignition program on his own, but is also the publicity assistant at Green Light Go Publicity and was able to receive additional consulting not included in the plan.

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Paul Corsi

When he’s not playing a show or practicing with his band Go Tiger, Go! he can be found at one of Detroit’s best new restaurants or taking in the sights and sounds that the area has to offer. He loves running, coffee houses, playing with puppies, and the occasional vortex of video games.

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