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How to Reach Your Goal with One Simple Step

Almost my entire life I’ve created what appeared lofty and unattainable goals and then did everything I could to achieve them. When I was 18 years old I moved from Wyoming to Seattle to go to school for Music Video and Business. After graduating I moved to Austin, Texas, the home of SXSW, to work in the music business. Within two years of living there I was working for SXSW and then moving on to work for a major record company, BMG Distribution, as a college marketing rep for alternative music.

I look back on that time and although it felt daunting, I managed solely by putting one foot in front of the other and quite honestly just being in the right place at the right time.

I’ve continued to go on to set crazy goals in my life, like taking only two months to train for a 300 mile bicycle ride through Michigan. I didn’t even own a road bike at the time. Push, push, push until I made it happen in all its pain and glory.

The thing is, I love ease. I love planning, taking small baby steps until little by little I reach my goal. I almost inevitably arrive at my destination with this approach.

I’ve worked in the music business for over 20 years now and I would say about 20% of the bands we work with have lofty goals they are eager to achieve immediately. Oddly, a strange thing happens with those campaigns. It’s as if they stall.

The most successful campaigns are completed with diligence, patience and cooperation. Those baby steps add up until the next thing they know they’ve reached their goal.

Asking to be in Pitchfork or Rolling Stone within a three month time period, without a foundation is like taking an entry level job and then expecting to be promoted to CEO within the same year. You haven’t paid your dues, learned everything you need to know to succeed, and been prepared for the responsibility that comes with it.

Green Light GO: Write down one big goal you’d like to achieve it and the next baby step you need to take to get there. Then take it!

Sharing is Caring: Know someone who has lofty goals, but seems to be stalled getting there? Send them this article to help them take the next baby step.

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Janelle is the owner of Green Light Go. When she's not spreading the word on her favorite bands she can usually be found riding her road bike through Michigan, designing super hip clothes or analyzing people much to their dismay.
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