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How to Achieve Your Band's 2015 Goals

Now that 2015 is officially upon us it’s time to think about your upcoming goals for the year. Maybe you ended last year wishing you had achieved more or would simply like to continue the momentum you created in 2014.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about setting goals and accomplishing them. Just to give you an idea, I ask new interns and hires to compile a list of 101 goals before they start so I know the people joining my team are as goal centered as I am.

I am also easily overwhelmed by big projects which can be pretty counterproductive to hitting large goals. So how do I achieve my goals? Here’s an inside look and a few simple steps you could follow yourself.

1. Evaluate successes and failures in 2014.

This is how you’ll build your roadmap for the year. If you know what you’ve done that is successful, you’ll know what you need to keep doing. If you see where you weren’t as successful, you can look at what changes you need to make for this year. For instance, let’s say you really wanted to see 5k Soundcloud downloads on a specific song, but you only achieved 50. That would be something you could look to improve upon this year.

2. Determine your band’s top three values and evaluate the successes and failures in 2014.

For instance, at Green Light Go our top values are honesty, integrity and passion. I would first look at how well we did at achieving those last year and how we did it. I’d then look at where we fell short and look at how we could improve that this year.

3. Determine your 2015 goals based on what you discovered from reflecting on 2014.

Merge your top values with your overall successes and failures to determine your goals for this year. Let’s say one of your values is community and you also want to play more shows. Perhaps you look at playing more benefits to support your community. Also determine how many of those you’d like to play to make it specific and actionable.

4. Break it down by quarter.

Now break down those goals into smaller chunks by what you hope to achieve by the end of the first quarter. If you have a lot of goals, I recommend only focusing on about 25% of them for the quarter so there is a better chance of achieving them. If you wanted to play 12 benefits during the year. You would then shoot for playing three benefits by the end of the quarter.

5. Break it down by month.

Now break it down by month and if you do have a lot of goals, select 3-4 you’d like to begin with to create some momentum. Looking at the benefit example that would mean you would want to play one show this month.

6. Break it down by week.

Now determine what you hope to achieve by the end of the week so you can reach the monthly goal you set. In the example of playing one benefit for month, you could reach out to a charity to see if they have any benefits planned or would be interested in joining efforts to create a live event.

7. Set your super tiny daily goal.

Now this is the real trick to hitting big goals. Determine your next step and make it so super small there is no way you’ll talk yourself out of it. If you need to contact a charity about co-sponsoring a show, then make your first task to come up with a list of charities you are passionate about. Still too big? Come up with one charity you are passionate about. That would then be your only step for the day. If you are feeling the momentum and want to do more, have it at!

Continue to work on focusing on the daily goals until you hit the bigger benchmarks you’ve set to hit the major goal. By focusing on a task that’s so small you can’t resist it, it helps you overcome the fear and any procrastination that comes up.

Green Light Go: Put together the list of successes your band had last year.

Sharing is Caring: Know someone who has big dreams, but gets overwhelmed when it comes to accomplishing them? Send them this article to get them started.

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