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Are you a struggling musician tired of fighting to get your music heard? You’d love someone to help you get your music to the tastemakers, but you don’t have thousands of dollars just piling up in your bank account, right?

We HEAR you. Green Light Go prides ourselves on fighting to get our bands heard. We also know not every band can afford to pay us for that service.

We don’t think success should be based on an all or nothing principle. You should have the RIGHT to be heard even when you don’t have a ton of cash flow.

That’s why today we are launching Ignition, a DIY publicity campaign to promote your own album or EP release. We’re giving you a week by week plan to promote your new music with easily actionable steps. We’re giving you the formula that’s taken us nearly 15 years to perfect so we are seeing higher success rates and more coverage for our clients overall.

Relationships are the cornerstone of a successful campaign. Yes, many of those have taken years for us to develop and nurture. This doesn’t mean you don’t stand chance if you don’t have them. It just means you need to be prepared to do your due diligence to find the ones who will care. And in this program we’ll show you how.

“Speaking from personal experience, once you put the tools to use, they really do work.” Paul Corsi, Go Tiger Go *

This is what you’ll receive with Ignition:

  1. A week by week plan to run your own 12 week publicity campaign
  2. Each week will include easy actionable steps to move your band forward even if you’re not entirely sure what publicity means
  3. Tips and tools to gain more exposure for your band including:
  4. Writing an effective bio, press release and pitch
  5. How to create a targeted press list to those who would be most interested in your music
  6. When to release singles and your album to gain the most exposure
  7. When and how to pitch media to increase the chances of exposure even if you don’t have existing relationships

This program is open to all genres, sizes and styles. How do you know if it’s right for you?

  1. You are ready to invest 5-10 hours per week running your own campaign
  2. You don’t get discouraged easily and know good things take time
  3. You’re ready to fully commit to the exposure of your album or EP release and fully put the work in to do it

How do you know if this program IS NOT right for you?

  1. You think it will bring your band instant success and bloggers will come running to cover you after you send the first press release
  2. You hate social media and don’t want anything to do with it
  3. You get easily frustrated and give up at the first sign of defeat

Do You Have the Risk Tolerance for a Music PR Campaign?

The one time cost for Ignition is $150. Simply click the "add to cart button" below to start getting your music heard today.

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*Disclaimer: Paul Corsi worked the Ignition program on his own, but is also the publicity assistant at Green Light Go Publicity and was able to receive additional consulting not included in the plan.


Get Your Music Heard!

Not ready for a full music pr campaign, but ready to put in the work to get your music heard? Find out more about our affordable DIY music pr campaign here.

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