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Before I Was Famous: The Return of The Press List

The last time we had our Fireside chat we talked about building your first press list. So how did you do? Let’s both be honest and say that it was a lot harder than you thought it would be. For a band to build their own press list is a bit of an experience, but for a publicist to build one for them is a slightly different animal.

I recently had the pleasure of putting together my first press list for a band here at Green Light Go. I don’t want to sound redundant of the last article and just remind you that you need to take your time - because trust me, you do - but I do want to give you a few additional insider tips and tricks to maximize your reach.

The main thing I want to get across in this article is to take pride in the work that you’re doing with your press list. Let’s recap, we talked about the importance of time, main drivers, and blog activity, but to dive a little deeper into the publicity pool, we’ll need to talk about those last few names. What am I referring to? Well, your press list will ultimately have some sort of numerical limit, be it 100, or 1,000 names. Once you get down to the very end, trust me, it becomes a lot more difficult to get those names in. So something else we’ll want to keep in mind is the quality of the contacts you’ve selected. This all comes into taking your time. It’s easy to put every single “submission” type blog you can find on your band’s press list, but what if you play heavy metal and the blog only listens to hip hop? Now we see where those main drivers come back into all ties together.

Here’s something that a lot of people might overlook when building their press list. Obviously you should take your time, but don’t forget to give yourself enough time too. I realize they’re almost the same thing, but the subtle difference I’m referring to is in terms of spacing things out. I would highly recommend not doing your whole press list in one sitting. I’m not saying that you won’t be able to, but it will be a lot more enjoyable if you give yourself a few sessions that include research and press listing. It’s kind of like when you were in school and waited until the last possible minute to finish your paper. We’ve all been there, and it’s not worth it.

You should enjoy the process! Afterall this is exciting, because you’re going to get your music out here and hopefully get some great responses back. There’s always an air of uncertainty but that just makes it more worthwhile when your hard work finally pays off. Recap and don’t forget, don’t rush, do your research, take some breaks, and enjoy the ride.

Green Light Go: Take your time and research those outlets!

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