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Before I Was Famous: Researching Media Outlets

Now that you have your music ready to go, and it’s time to finally get your song out to the masses, there is just one question--who do you send it to? I come to you with the inside scoop, from the publicist’s perspective, and from the musician’s inquisitive mind. As a band working with a publicist you place your trust in the campaign and expect a certain level of tangible and readable results. A lot goes into this behind the scenes.

A seasoned publicist can listen to a band and immediately think of fifty blogs off the top of his or her head of where to pitch that music. I on the other hand am not seasoned yet, so I’m starting from the ground level. However, this has given me the advantageous position of learning about a wide scope of blogs in a short amount of time. I’ve begun researching blogs to really understand how they work. It’s basically like doing a mini case study on each blog and writer. So, journalists, if you’re reading this, I’m trying to get inside your head. I’m only half kidding.

The process is very research-driven in nature, but with more specific goals. For example, when you’re researching a blog the important things to look for are the “main drivers.” These are the factors that more frequently come up in articles than others. So the type of music that the blog covers, the level of popularity the artists they cover have, it can even go so intricately as this artist is from the journalist’s home town. Having these main drivers serves two purposes. First it gives you an in with a blog, and second, it saves you a good deal of time that would otherwise be wasted. Why would you pitch an indie-rock band to a blog that only covers hard electro?

Having a large understanding of who you’re pitching helps you to maximize what you’re pitching. Knowing your blogs really helps you, as a publicist, to find the blogs that are most-likely to cover you. And having a publicist that knows these important factors helps you, as a musician, get the most coverage during your campaign. On a completely different note it’s actually a good amount of fun. It’s like a challenge that everybody can gain from when you succeed. As your publicist, I’ll keep researching. You keep sending in your music, and I’ll keep doing everything I can to maximize your voice.


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