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Before I Was Famous: How NOT To Build a Press List


It’s important for any publicity campaign to target the right people. I know what it’s like to be in a band, and I know that the band fund is often split in fifteen different directions, and somehow your drummer always seems to need a new crash, or ride...or snare.

In order to get the best product for your money, time and effort, a publicist will build an ideal press list to maximize your campaign’s chances of success. Here are some things to keep in mind when building that list.

1.Don’t Message An Inactive Blog

Make sure the blog is active. This one seems pretty obvious, but let’s not cut corners with assumptions. If you’re pitching the band’s brand new single to Blog X and haven’t received a response in the last month that can waste a lot of time. Before anything else you should check to see what their most recent post is. If it’s from within the last few weeks then chances are everything is good. If they haven’t posted since 2013, maybe you better look elsewhere.

2. Don’t Waste Their Time

Journalists get a lot of emails every single day, and their time is just as valuable as yours. If you have an indie-rock group, don’t send your music to a hip-hop blog. If you’re in a 10-piece bluegrass band, don’t send your song to a house/trance publication. Whoever gets your email is going to throw it right in the trash, and more importantly it makes your band come off as unprofessional. If you can’t take the time to read what the blog covers, why should they take the time to listen to your song?

3. Don’t Message Somebody No Longer There

Now that you’ve found an active blog, and your music is the right fit, there’s one important factor left to consider. Is the contact you’re emailing still working there? It’s important to check your sources and make sure the writer is still there. He or she may have even moved to a new publication (which can benefit your band too). Just make sure to check the staff listing first.

Green Light Go: Start reading some of your favorite blogs, and expand from there!

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