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Are Premieres Worth It?

When we first started soliciting exclusives at a high profile outlet it was a very effective tool for securing coverage in outlets where we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

That was before everybody started doing it.

And it was effective. Very effective.

Then like most things in the music industry, the noise crowded out the effectiveness.

When a band approached us to work with them, the primary strategy was to secure exclusives.

Media stopped responding whether it was a yay or nay. The competition increased and the elusive premiere became more of just securing a premiere for the sake of a premiere.

Here’s the thing. When we use that strategy of going after outlets trying to secure a premiere we lose precious time and opportunities. It can deter other credible outlets from covering because it’s been premiered by someone else. The listen rates on the single are potentially decreased because we are relying on one outlet to carry all the weight and influence.

Our niche is working with unknown bands and building a story and press from the ground up. That often means the elusive outlets won’t be interested because there isn’t enough of a following to garner the results they want to see on their end.

So are premieres worth it? Yes, when used properly. We target outlets where we know the band wants to see press AND the outlet could be receptive to premiering the artist. It goes back to the original objective of securing coverage in an outlet who may not consider the band otherwise.

We rarely offer the first single as a premiere because it can push back the actual start of the campaign and cut into the lead time necessary to create an effective results oriented campaign.
Instead, we look at singles on the album that could be of most interest to an outlet that we haven’t scheduled for an official release. Truly making it an exclusive and also not taking away from the main single.

There are also times a band, album or single doesn’t react with media for whatever reason. In those cases an exclusive with an outlet known for giving strong editorial quote-worthy coverage can begin building credibility with other outlets and potentially influence coverage.

The moral of the story is to know the purpose of the premiere in advance and act accordingly.


Green Light Go: Determine where and why you want an outlet to premiere a single.

Sharing is Caring: Know someone about to start a publicity campaign for an upcoming single, EP or album? Send them this article to give perspective on how to use premieres effectively.

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