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7 Steps to Maximize Your Music Social Media

Janelle Rogers photo by Mare CostelloI’m an idea person at heart. Give me any challenge, any plan, any goal and I’ll find ten ideas to achieve it.

All my great ideas are without value however if I don’t have a solid foundation to build upon. We do this with our publicity campaigns by building a map of where we want to go and a timeline to get there. We have a database of media contacts with notes so we know who to specifically target and how to pitch them.

Bands often come to us with big goals like being covered in Pitchfork and yet haven’t built a strong foundation to set themselves up for success. It’s the equivalent of wanting to be CEO after six weeks in the mailroom.

Today’s post is about how to get your band in tip-top shape so you will receive coverage.


Take a look at the following networks and make sure you have all of your bases covered to easily be found (and covered) no matter where you are discovered:






1. Contact Information

First and foremost are you making it easy for industry people to contact you? If you are an unknown or emerging band, this is no time to be coy. Industry folks are busy people, myself included, and we won’t spend precious time scouring the internet for a way to contact you if you aren’t making an email address accessible. Sadly I’ve discovered numerous bands who had phenomenal music, but with no way to reach them, I had to walk away and contact bands with equally great music who were more available.

 2. Music

Make it easy to hear your music and I’m not talking about a 30 second iTunes snippet. Include links or widgets to Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Spotify on your website, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

3. Bio

An editor from a major publication recently posted how it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find band bios and I have to concur. In your bio capture the story that differentiates you and make sure it’s available on your website and all of your social networks.

4. Brief Description

Include a brief description of your music on all of your social networks with descriptive words of your sound and genre that would make someone want to listen at first glance.

5. Photos

Want to increase the chances of people noticing your band exponentially? Make sure you have consistent captivating photos representative of your sound on all your networks. This image of FKA Twigs was everywhere including Pitchfork and there was no way you could miss it and be intrigued enough to want to give her a listen.

 FKA Twigs


6. Links to additional social networks

Here is your chance to cross promote your other social networks and also give fans and industry an opportunity to listen to you music. Make sure you’ve plugged in all the networks you are on at each individual social network so people can find you in the platform of their preference. At the very least include a Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Spotify link so your music can be easily heard.

7. Post Consistently

How often do you post? Consistency is the key here. Commit to how often you post and stick to it. If I see a network updated sporadically, it sends the message the band operates sporadically. Ideally you should be posting a minimum of once per day on Twitter and Facebook with what interests your fans.

Green Light GO: Go through one of your website and make sure you have everything listed in this article included and update what needs to be.

Sharing is Caring: Know someone whose social networks are lacking. Send them this article to help them succeed.

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