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5 Action Steps to Maximize Your Band's PR

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If you've taken the time to make sure you're media ready before you start, then it's time to start digging in to how you can maximize your band's promotion efforts before and during the campaign.

1. Beef up your social networks

Although I'm starting to see media gravitate toward putting the quality of music over a band's social media presence, it still plays a major factor with most of the influential outlets known for impacting a band's career. For those where social media plays a factor, they're looking at the social networks to determine how many fans could potentially be driven to the website as new traffic. If your Twitter and Facebook numbers are hovering under 1,000, it's time to look at a strategy to increase your followers and engagement. Here are a few articles to get you started:

2. Take strong publicity photos

Think about what you want to get across with your image, and find a great photographer who can accomplish it. The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" rings very true here. I've seen amazing bands be completely disregarded for the simple fact they had photos that implied they didn't really care one way or another. Take a look at the outlets where you'd like to receive coverage to gain ideas and start there. Google band photographers in your area, and look at their portfolios to determine if they can capture what you want.

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3. Write a bio with a distinct story angle

What is your story that hasn't been told before? Make a list of 10 ideas that truly set you apart from every other band out there. Then narrow it down to one central idea that's the most captivating to your audience. If you're not sure what that is, go back to those outlets where you'd like to be covered and see if there are any themes that seem to interest them to give you a starting point.

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4. Play shows with more established acts

When you're an emerging artist, it can often be tough to be heard over all the competition. One way to do that is to align yourself with bands who are more established. This can be done by submitting to play music festivals where larger acts perform. If you haven't already, build relationships with the better venues in your market and bands you'd like to play with, and see what you can do for them first. It may sound counterintuitive to focus on what you can do for someone else when you're the one who needs help, but it will be a breath of fresh air to those who are often asked, "What can you do for me?" And most people are willing to return the favor naturally without you having to ask.

5. Begin building your music industry network

This goes along with the last point. Building your music industry network is one of the most crucial things you can do for your career. First, make a list of 10 contacts you'd like to meet or get to know. Look at what social networks they're most prone to use, and then start there. Once again, you should be making it about them over pitching your music. Let that part come naturally once you've had a chance to build the relationship.

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As you can see, there's a lot that goes into a music PR campaign beyond simply contacting media and asking them to cover your band. I often hear from bands that their publicist "dropped the ball." That can very well be true, but the chances of a music PR campaign's success is often based on having all these things in place before and during the campaign. Take a look at all the points discussed, and make sure it's all top notch, so when your campaign does launch, you know you've done everything on your end to make it a success.

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