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3 Tools For Finding Coverage

It used to be with one simple google alert coming straight to our inbox we’d be able to find all the coverage we needed for our client.

Sadly it’s no longer that simple. Rarely does a google alert readily identify a post, and our other go to, Hype Machine, has also become inconsistent with accurately tracking blog mp3 posts.

How do we find missing coverage so we’re not spending hours scouring the Internet?

Here are three tools we use in tandem to track coverage:

1. Talkwalker

Much like google alerts, Talkwalker scours the Internet for missing coverage and delivers the results to your inbox. You sign up for an alert based on specific keywords like the band name, album title or song title and have them scheduled for delivery.

2. Twilert

Twitter has become the most reliable for finding coverage, but who wants to do a daily search manually? Like Talkwalker, Twilerts delivers results to your inbox based on a few simple keywords (i.e. band name or handle, song title).

3. Hype Machine

As mentioned, Hype Machine is not as reliable as it used to be, but it’s still a quick and easy way to find blogs who’ve posted your song. Simply search or the song and then see who has posted.

Once you’ve found the coverage, it shouldn’t stop there. Make sure you tweet or retweet to your fans to show the media outlet you support more in return.

Green Light Go: Set up an alert for your band on Talkwalker.

Sharing is Caring: Know someone who needs help finding all that great coverage, they’re receiving? Send them this article.

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