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GLG July Monthly Playlist: Daytrotter - Too Hot To Trot

When it comes to discovering new music, it doesn't get much hotter than Daytrotter. Green Light Go has an entire "Too Hot To Trot" playlist inspired by artists featured on Daytrotter including: Flint Eastwood, Naked Giants, Holy Wave, and many more wothy of musical discovery. Daytrotter is a vast musical landscape, so strap this playlist on your back and let it be your view from the top. If you like the bands on this playlist, support them, and click that "follow" button here.


  1. Push (feat. Tunde Olaniran)- Flint Eastwood
  2. Echoing Halls- Quicksilver Daydream
  3. Twist- Naked Giants
  4. Spirit Cold- Tall Heights
  5. You Remind Me of a Girl That I Once Knew- Zander Michigan
  6. I Just Want The Truth, Baby- Born Cages
  7. Messenger- Jared & The Mill
  8. Mercy- Bonnie Bishop 
  9. Broadripple Is Burning- Margot & The Nuclear So And So's
  10. Everybody's Watching- Blackfoot Gypsies
  11. She's History- Mega Bog
  12. Codeine- Welles
  13. Wait Up For You- The Belle Game
  14. Alabaster- Post Animal
  15. Some Stay Young- Oceans Are Zombies
  16. Death's Got A Hold On Me- Chain Of Flowers
  17. Cold Stare- Water From Your Eyes
  18. Good Enough- Stoop Kids
  19. Not Gonna Let You Walk Away- LOLO
  20. Sir Isaac Nukem- Holy Wave
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