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Gimme a Break: The 1060s

Hometown: Liverpool, U.K.
Members: Gibbs (vocals/guitar), The Bison (drums), The Dance Otter (keys), The Wiz (bass)
Albums: Alto Voltage Sessions EP, Swine Flu Hype EP 
For Fans Of:
 The Smiths, Dr. Dog

This month's Gimme a Break features the one-of-a-kind 1060s [TENSIXTIES], an indie-rock band that delivers up-tempo live performances. Known for their interactive shows and theatrics, and the party atmosphere that ensues, the 1060s is surely one band that does not dissapoint.

Give me one sentence that describes your band.

Indie rock + electro × soul² > tomfoolery + escapism × (√facepaint, reckless abandon, repressed emotions²) + cheap whiskey – office jobs + the 80s ÷ the age of chivalry + theatrics < the smell of fresh rain on hot asphalt ÷ outfits × banter + dancing².

What will people get out of listening to your music?
We always aim to put out a good vibe and get people bouncing, so hopefully people will feel a bit of our optimisms in there, get a bit cheeky, start to tap their feet and eventually be overcome by the desire to dance wildly despite their current surrounding. That's what we are going for. 

What fictional character is like each member
of the band?
Hmm, good question! The Bison; perhaps he's like Doc from "Back to the Future". Wiz is much like Gandalf. Gibbsie is similar to Dorian Gray and Otter has elements of Doctor Who. 

Who, or what, inspires you? Why?

1060s: Silvio Berlisconi
, he's one of the greatest comedians of our age. His ability to stay in character as the president of Italy is remarkable. He makes Sasha Cohen look like an amateur. We also like "Magnum, P.I.", He-Man from the cartoon "He-Man" and the white guy that escapes from prison by shuffling through poop in "Shawshank Redemption". I think his name was John Shawshank? 

Any hobbies?

We really like to start bar brawls. What else... Oh yeah, snooker, darts and table tennis. I think Bison collects stamps too. 

What is the best piece of advice you actually followed?

1060s: "Never rub another man's rhubarb." Wise words! Once we broke into our neighbors greenhouse and started playing with the rhubarb as you do. But, then he saw us and went nuts, starting shooting at us with an elephant gun! Never again.

Because we're all about giving back, Green Light Go will feature one band or artist per month that's not on our roster and give them the break that they deserve. If you are a band interested in being considered for Gimme a Break, please contact Janelle Rogers at Janelle


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